Disabled Decor ~ A nice house is still possible with a bit of creative thinking!

One of the things I have always loved is Interior Decorating. After working crazy hours, when I was able to work, I would like nothing better than to spend the weekend at home creating new looks around the house with soft furnishings. My favourite style is French Provencal with a bit of the Hamptons style thrown in. Some would call my décor “Vintage” others “Traditional” but whatever title is given, I love to create a space where I am surrounded by things that make me smile. No matter how large or small your house is, whether you own it or are renting, I believe if you make it a space that reflects the things you love, it will always feel like home.

Two main events have happened in my life that have caused me to have to do a bit of re-designing to adapt to my disabilities. One was the creation of my colostomy. Having a colostomy means having lots and lots of colostomy supplies. That means storage is required. One thing I didn’t want was a bathroom that looked like I had a colostomy or that was in a nursing home. I wanted to still be able to retain as much… I guess the word is dignity, within my home. I wanted to be able to store my supplies somehow that would make me feel organised, as that was really important in terms of managing my stoma but also I wanted to enjoy going to my stoma cupboard. So that meant only one thing…. going shopping 🙂 My husband was fully supportive on this particular shopping trip. I found a beautiful French style cabinet which sits in our bedroom and matches the rest of our furniture and its next to the ensuite so works perfectly. No one would ever know what that little cabinet holds but I love it and that was what was important. I enjoy going to that cabinet to collect my supplies to change my stoma. It’s all part of maintaining my sense of wellbeing and it really works!

It’s affectionately called “Rudolph’s cupboard of course!

Rudolphs cupboard-open Rudolph's cupboard

The other event that turned my life upside down was the pathological left femur break, not to mention the diagnosis following of a rare bone disease that leaves me clueless as to whether another bone will break spontaneously. This health event has been particularly challenging in terms of interior décor.

I needed to think about the best way to rest my leg as it heals ( remembering it will take at least 18 months).  We needed a stool that didn’t raise my leg too high or have it hanging too low. We worked out, after using a couple of cushions, that around 15 cms high was the perfect size to provide support and limit pain when sitting ( in my favourite Hamptons’ style wing chair of course). I had previously bought some lovely cushions online from a site called “Classic Tapestries” so I thought I’d have a look to see if they had anything like I was looking for. They had the perfect thing and within a couple of weeks, thanks to the wonderful Rebecca who owns the business, my leg was in heaven.  My clever husband then decided to make one for me for my study, which means I can sit at my desk and blog with my leg happily supported. I love them both but probably like his just a little bit more as it was made with love!!

The footstool

Husband's version...made with love
Husband’s version…made with love


I also needed to think about standing in the kitchen and finding something incredibly comfortable to stand on, rather than tiles that cause my legs to ache and swell. The kitchen floor was something I wanted to do well and in keeping with my style. We found a lovely indoor/outdoor mat which matched my décor and my husband had the idea of putting a yoga mat underneath it. We actually ended up getting a double bed thin camping mattress made of PVA foam and it fits perfectly under the rug.

Kitchen rug decor The kitchen rug

It feels amazing, looks amazing and I am now able to get back to cooking some meals, which helps make me feel normal on good days. All so important when living with a disability.

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