Hair Loss….what’s a girl to do?

Ok, I’ve taken the plunge & made a hairdressers appointment for this afternoon. Sounds normal doesn’t it but for me it’s huge today. Over the past 8 months since my leg broke my hair has been breaking off in chunks. Not sure if its gone out in sympathy for my leg but whatever the case, I have quite significant gaps in my hair where it should be longer in length but instead is short & stubby. I’ve been able to quite cleverly disguise it with styling but this morning my husband said the back now looks like an uneven mullet!! 😕

He wasn’t being cruel. He is my best friend & always tells me I look beautiful even when I don’t, so if he says its not looking right any more then its time for action.

I’ve never been a fan of short hair on me but I don’t mind a short bob. I have no idea how I’m going to look coming out of the appointment but my husband has just said he will still love me no matter what so I guess that’s all that counts at the end of the day.

Hair loss is a real issue for many of us suffering from autoimmune diseases. Some may think its the least of our problems, my Dr certainly does! I think it is really important to feel that we are looking the best we possibly can, especially when health is compromised.

The hairdressing salon I just rang is not somewhere I’ve been before but I’ve chosen her because I’ve hobbled passed a few times & it looks clean & staff look friendly and more importantly there is disabled parking straight outside. When I called to make the appointment two beautiful things happened. One, they could see me this afternoon & two I explained a bit of my story & she just got it!! I had that sense of peace that this is right. Oh & thirdly she is right next to QML & I have to get my monthly blood tests done today….hows that for convenience😁

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