How Can I Keep From Singing?

I have sung all my life. School Choirs, Church Choirs,  solos. Music and singing have been like food and water to me. They feed my soul.

Over the past few years I have longed to sing with the energy and delight I used to sing with. My bone disease, pain and constant surgeries, has left me physically disabled and exhausted.

My attempts to sing have often resulted in a croaking flat sound, rather than anything that had any semblance of being uplifting, for me or anyone else! So I have limited my singing around the house. I need to conserve my energy.

A Christmas Miracle

This past Christmas I managed to get to a carol service at our Parish. Getting to church has been impossible thanks to my over active stoma in the mornings.

My constant broken bones and non healing femur break, make any activity outside of my home near nigh impossible. So this was more than just a small achievement….it was a Christmas miracle.

Thankfully the carol service was in the afternoon. Dosed up on pain killers I was determined to get there. I didn’t know if I would be able to sing at all after being so silent for so long.

I didn’t care what I sounded like I wanted to sing, my soul wanted to sing. It was time.


“Then Sings My Soul”

I opened my mouth to sing the words of a familiar carol and sang my heart out. To my surprise, my voice seemed stronger than ever before. It was effortless and I sang carol after carol with gusto. I was literally in heaven.

After the service my husband said he had never heard my voice sound so beautiful. Resting it for so long was obviously a good thing but it was more than that.

I have always sung songs of faith. They are my first love. Finding my voice when I thought it was lost was such a gift, such a blessing. I realised I hadn’t totally been consumed by my disability, my pain. Somewhere in the midst of everything, on that December afternoon, I was given back the gift of singing.

“To That Rock I’m Clinging”

This week I was listening to a new CD by Celtic Women. I love their music. They mostly sing traditional Irish Celtic/Folk music. They always have songs of faith on their albums, amidst their other beautiful inspirational music choices.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard one of their new songs “How Can I Keep From Singing”. I seemed to know it instantly. I listened closer and I was sure it was an old hymn that I sang as a child.

Some of the words seemed slightly different but the message was still clear. No matter the struggle and the pain and the tumult, we have a Rock where we can take refuge, so how can I keep from singing.

I searched the origins of the song and yes it was a hymn sung in the 1800’s. The slight change to the words were written by Enya but the message remains the same.

I have played the song over and over and over this week. I have also sung it over and over.

The most amazing thing I realised this morning, is that when I sing, I don’t have any pain. In those moments my soul is lifted high and I am transported to a place that is pain free, despite my broken bones.

A taste of heaven to come.

How can I keep from singing!!


(Original Words from 1868)

My life flows on in endless song;

above earth’s lamentation,

I catch the sweet, though far-off hymn

that hails a new creation.



No storm can shake my inmost calm

while to that Rock I’m clinging.

Since Christ is Lord of heaven and earth,

how can I keep from singing?


2 Through all the tumult and the strife,

I hear that music ringing.

It finds an echo in my soul.

How can I keep from singing? [Refrain]


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9 thoughts on “How Can I Keep From Singing?

  1. Oh Sam, of all your posts I’ve read, this is my favorite. I am so happy for you and it is so inspiring! Do you mind if I link to it from my own blog? I have a topic it would fit in perfectly with and I know it would bless others. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Keep singing! God is good ALL the time! 🙂


    1. Hi Linda, thank you so much for your encouragement. It means so much 😊
      Absolutely, feel free to link this to your blog. It would be an honour.. Your writing is such a blessing to me.
      Sam x


  2. I agree with Linda, this is a wonderful blog post. The timing of my reading this is quite ironic, since I have been thinking exactly the same thing lately – how special and important music is in how we feel and how we are. I have played the piano my whole life but haven’t played properly for a long time. I do miss it and would love to take it up again. My poor old piano needs a good tune and maybe an upgrade – like me lol!!! I think it is fabulous that you can sing Sam. Maybe you will post an audio for us all one day! Happy Sunday afternoon x x x x Esther 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Esther. I have an electric piano but am not a wonderful player. Singing has always come easier. I do love tinkering on it though but haven’t been able to for years.
      You so should get back to playing if you can. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we one day could do a duet 💖 x


  3. Sam, this is a beautiful post. I love the music and the fact that you sang your heart out. I too love to sing, especially worship songs. However, My accident in 1992 caused damage to my throat and gave me a gravelly voice with no pitch. I had the damage repaired a few years later only to have the scar tissue grow back over time. I also can’t make it to church often. However, today, being Easter Sunday, we watched a live service online from the church we are hoping to go to in our new city. They did songs I have missed singing for years. I sang in a whisper because it is the only way I can. But I know the Lord heard it in perfect tune! It felt so good! We are hoping to go there next Sunday. They are having a visitor’s lunch after the service. Don’t know whether I will have enough stamina for that but I will try.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. How beautiful Lydia. The new church sounds very promising. So lovely you could be a part of it from your lounge room. Isn’t it wonderful living in this era where we can have fellowship even if we have to live in relative isolation.

    I hope it all goes well next Sunday but don’t put undue pressure on yourself. There is always the next week. ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have always liked Enya’s version of that song, didn’t know the origins, I love those lyrics! Such a beautiful and hope-filled post. What a blessing to be transported out of your pain while praising God. He is so faithful and loving. Thank you for sharing. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Char. It is such a gorgeous song isn’t it. If you Google Celtic Woman & the song title I think you’ll love their version as much as Enya’s. It’s so moving 💞


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