Birthdays & Special Events



I love celebrating special occasions. I’m a real “Hallmarks moment” kind of girl. Always have been and I suspect I always will be. Cakes, balloons, lots of presents and good food. I love making the person who is celebrating their special day, feel like they are the most important and loved person in the world.

You would think though that I would realise that those days may be a bit beyond my reach now wouldn’t you. Wouldn’t you?

Well, apparently I still think I can be a picture of perfect health and energy when it’s my husbands birthday. He is so special to me that there is no way I am not going to make his day as extra special as possible. Even when he wakes up with one of the worst “man colds” I have seen for years, we are still going to have a good time celebrating his birthday 🙂

That was yesterday and we did both survive and we did enjoy it. Our first plan was to go out for lunch but he was not well enough and I must admit I breathed a sigh of relief. At least at home I could pace the day and have the energy to get through all I wanted to do for him. I was determined to make a great lunch and thankfully through sheer determination I blocked out pain and disability and did just that. We sat in our courtyard and both agreed it was the nicest café we had been in for ages….even if we did say so ourselves!! We ate way too much and my husband opened a 2004 bottle of wine he had been saving for a special occasion. I’m not drinking because of my medication but he said it was fantastic.

After lunch we watched a movie on DVD in Gold Class style and drank coffee and ate more cake. It was a really lovely day and although it was just the two of us and quiet in so many ways and in comparison to what most people would consider a celebration, it was still a “Hallmark moment”, no actually it was a “Hallmark Day”.

Today is however the complete opposite. I really can’t move and apart from the physical pain, I just can’t believe how exhausted I am from doing so little. It was however worth every moment and I will definitely be gearing up same time next year to do it all again for the man I love so much and who cares for me so beautifully every single day.

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