A Changing Course

I’m having a reflective kind of day. I’ve had a few medical appointments this week and we are making changes to a couple of Rheumatoid Arthritis medications plus lowering my Hormone Replacement Therapy, to see if anything is impacting my bone disease. It’s a process that not even my medical team are sure about. No text book covers this rare bone disease. We are writing it as we go. We are exploring, changing course, hoping, dealing with the unknown.

So I’m reflecting on my journey so far and what might lay ahead.

The unknown.

A diagnosis of a chronic disease brings change, we can fight it or we can build a new version of ourselves. The new version will be different but can be beautiful. Everyday I say goodbye to more of the old and am learning to embrace more of the new. I won’t pretend it’s easy because it’s not. It’s a process but it’s a much easier process when acceptance replaces fighting. It’s at that point that something new can emerge, just like the butterfly comes from the cocoon.fb_img_1478568970144

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