Now or Never Philosophy

I have a “Now or Never” philopsophy that sometimes gets me into trouble.

Living with a physical disability involves a lot of pain, lack of mobility & extreme fatigue a lot of the time. With that in mind the sensible approach to life would be to pace all activities, listen to your body and lower all expectations.

Generally I’m ok with that. The problem is that my mind seems to disconnect from my body. In my mind I can just hop out of the chair & clean up the kitchen, dust the shutters, wipe down the bathroom tiles, make the bed, get dressed, do hair & makeup and look like “little Miss Perfect”

So, that’s what I attempted with a galant “It’s Now or Never” approach to living “stupidly” with a disability.

The result….my left foot has a fracture. It was the last little stretch onto my toes to reach something (with a crutch in hand I might add as I was trying to convince myself I was being good) that was the last straw that  broke…..well my foot, as opposed to the camels back.


So, the morale of the story for those of us trying to live well with a chronic disability is that “Now or Never” usually ends up in “Never Again”. 😊


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