Chronically Content

I’m lying in bed trying to take deep breaths to cope with the excruciating pain in my glands from a “mump like” virus. I’ve been told it could take 10 days for this acute stage of the viral infection to pass. I haven’t slept for 4 nights.

I should be beside myself, miserable, moody, mortified that my body has yet again thrown something at me from out of nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been in tears with the pain. I have been concerned that I might have a bone infection given my bone disease. I may still have. More tests await later once I’ve stabilized. I’ve had moments of just praying for pain killers to kick in now…..right now!!

Despite that though I still have an overarching feeling of being “Chronically Content”

So, how on earth can I feel content, even happy, in the midst of all this?

What’s my secret?

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The simple answer is I love my life. My health is just one part of it & my chronic diseases have actually brought chronic contentment in multiple areas of my life.

In what ways, I hear you ask? Let me list some of them for you:

  1. I spend quality time chatting & laughing with my husband everyday,
  2. I spend quality time writing, something I love to do,
  3. I spend the majority of my day reaching out to others through my online forum. Connection with people is so important for my overall well being & Medical Musings with Friends forum gives as much to me as I give to its beautiful members,
  4. I get excited about any achievement in my life no matter how small. Making the bed each day & making it look pretty brings me joy….even if I mess it up an hour later as I have to collapse onto it in sheer exhaustion. I still did it & that counts for a lot in my book.
  5. I don’t dwell on what I can’t do, I dwell on what I can do
  6. I have a strong faith in God. I see His hand on my life in so many remarkable ways…the main one being that I’m “Chronically Content” despite my crazy health. My faith brings me a sense of peace in my darkest hour that really does pass all understanding!

Whatever your chronic disease or circumstances, don’t let your happiness be defined by what has been taken away from you. Think upon the things that make you smile. Grab hold of those happy thoughts & ponder upon them until ideas form that you can realistically put into action.

You may love travel but health prevents it. Get travel DVDs or look at travel books or brochures & dream you’re there. It saves the effort of packing & unpacking so there’s an immediate bonus from my perspective.

You may love to eat out but find cafes difficult to access. Take a drive in the car & have a picnic with your loved one or friend. Park where you have a beautiful view. I’ve done this with my husband many times & it’s been just a perfect date.

Above all try not to worry about things that may never happen. Life is too short to go there & when chronically ill, finding ways to be chronically content is a much better way to use your energy.

May you all find “Chronic Contentment” in perhaps the most surprising ways. Take some time to look for contented moments & build from there.💖





8 thoughts on “Chronically Content

  1. Lovely piece,should be read everymorning .Use to stimulate our own notes at the end of the day to list the things we have enjoyed during the day.I am a great believer in gratitude. There is always something to feel grateful for.


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