Acts of Kindness

Living with a Chronic Disease, can at times, feel isolating and an ongoing test of endurance. You never know what great mountain awaits you when you first open your eyes every morning.

That’s providing you were able to sleep in the first place of course, as pain and discomfort so often try to envelope you through the night.

I regularly write about how the small, joyful moments in life mean so much. The hot cup of mid morning coffee on the back deck, the birds singing, breakfast in bed brought to me by a loving husband every morning…… the list of little joys quickly add up, ensuring I have a bit of strength for the daily endurance test.

The Gift Of An Unexpected Moment

I’ve been contemplating lately how one of the most uplifting moments, especially to someone living with a chronic disease, is a simple “random act of kindness”.



It’s that unexpected moment, when often a complete stranger, reaches out a hand of friendship, compassion, understanding,  practical assistance or emotional support.

It’s the act of kindness that is so unexpected, that remains with you long after the event. It brings hope, encouragement and a sense of community that let’s you know you are not alone.

God’s Still Small Voice

My closed Facebook forum, Medical Musings with Friends, is growing beyond my wildest expectations. When I had the idea to set up a support forum for people with chronic and complex diseases, I thought it would be a small group of maybe 50 members.

God had other ideas and I am so glad I listened to His still small voice, prompting me to reach out to others. He gently showed me He still had a purpose for my life, in the midst of my own disease and disability.

As I write, we are close to 1500 members from around the world, all seeking that sense of community and the need to know that others truly understand and care.

All seeking a little kindness.

We are primarily all strangers but we are also friends, showing “random acts of kindness” everyday as we encourage one another, cry with each other and laugh together. It is heart warming to witness someone always available, night and day, when one of the members really needs a kind word or a listening ear.

It’s inspiring, its phenomenal, it’s beautiful and it’s such an honour to be a part of it all.

The greatest act of kindness for me is that these beautiful members, all living with chronic, complex and disabling diseases are trusting me and my admin team to care for them, protect them and cherish and respect their stories.

It is such an amazing responsibility and gift, as through their act of kindness in placing that trust in me, I now have renewed purpose, vision and strength to climb the daily mountains in front of me. I can’t thank them enough.

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A Beautiful Story

One of my admins shared a beautiful story with me yesterday about a special “act of kindness” that she instigated for her neighbours. She has her own difficult health battle but despite that she reached out to others in need in such a selfless way.

She lives on the first floor, above a shop, and shares an entrance to the building  with a man who has been diagnosed with bowel cancer.  She ran into him the other day and he admitted to her, because he knew she also has a chronic disease,  that he was struggling a bit with the emotional side of his diagnosis.

She also knew that the neighbour on the other side of her unit wall, had bowel cancer. So despite being really unwell herself, she decided to invite them both over.

As a result, these two men were able to sit down together to talk, removing that sense of isolation that can so often overwhelm someone battling a difficult diagnosis.

They now all feel less alone knowing that they share a common bond, a special bond, a bond that has formed as a result of a beautiful “random act of kindness”

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Colossians 3 v 12 (NIV)

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26 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness

  1. This is so beautifully said, Sam. Those random acts of kindness really touch our hearts 🙂
    One of my colleagues made me a coffee the other day without even asking; she knows Im a coffee fiend & it was perfect & that I usually drag it out because I don’t want to walk around to the kitchenette if I don’t have to. It truly is the little things ❤

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    1. Thanks Aleisha for your encouragement. I remember when I was working, a team member would come into my office & bring me a coffee from the coffee shop, just how I liked it, without me asking…pure bliss xx


  2. So beautiful Sam….tears are rolling down my eyes as I read this post….yes its a beautiful group of amazing people who even if there life isn’t where they want it to be are ready to reach out to others and offer the hands of support xx….I certainly felt this last night xx

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    1. Oh Bree, I didn’t mean to make you cry. I’m so glad we were all able to support you last night. You actually were involved in one of the biggest acts of kindess ever yesterday. You are such a beautiful lady xx

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  3. Beautiful… I remember a random act of kindness that happened to me at least 10 years ago… I was on a train, couldn’t help crying as I had a terrible day with some really bad news… I was struggling at the time to keep it all together… My nose was running because of my crying and I was fumbling around in my bag for a tissue.. This lady quietly touched my hand and offered me a packet of tissues… Said nothing but quietly gave me what I needed… A human touch and an act of kindness… I will never forget it…it meant so much .. Well said Sam and thank you 💜💜

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  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Acts of Kindness, random or otherwise, go a long way to brighten anyone’s day, but in the case of people with chronic illness, they can be life changing.


  5. Sam, thanks for sharing this. I am happy your group is doing so well. We are moving next month and my upstairs neighbour has been putting little things at my door almost every morning. She sells a line of organic and gluten-free herb & spice mixes and I have been a customer for many years now. One day she left a bag of packing “peanuts” from one of her orders. Another day it was some sample packs of their new products and this morning it was a card (she handmade) with a certificate for one afternoon of packing or cleaning. I am so touched by her thoughtfulness and generosity.

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      1. You are welcome for the reblog, and yes, I will miss her. However, we are only moving about an hour’s drive away so I am still planning to order from her. It will be a nice chance to come and see her once a month or so!

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  6. Hi Sam, I found my way here through Lydia’s reblog of this post. It is lovely to meet you and your story with the forum is really inspiring. I am always in awe of people who accept the worst kind of troubles and look life in the eye and say I’m much stronger than this.
    On my little blog, I write anecdotes from my own life about things that make me feel grateful, things that uplift my spirits, moments and people that inspire me. I also write some science here and there and some tiny tales. If you would like to find a smile or shed a tear, do drop in.
    Lots of love, A

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    1. Hi Aishwarya,
      Thank you for your lovely comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog post. I will definitely pop by your blog. It sounds perfect & I love to share blog posts on the forum so I’ll be looking to do that too.
      Lovely to meet you.
      Sam xx

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      1. Oh thank you Sam for deciding to stop by mine. If my posts can bring a smile on someone’s face, that would perhaps be the best return from this blogging endeavour. Do let me know if you share my posts and how they are received. Have a great day ahead.

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  7. Will do Aishwarya.
    You are more than welcome to join the forum too if you’d like to share any posts you think might help members or just gather insight from people living as well as possible daily with chronic disease. X


  8. Sam I am in awe of you everyday, this is such an amazing blog, one day not long ago I was in so much pain, I was pushing my trolley just counting how many more steps till i got to the car, when an elderly lady reach over and touch my arm, she looked at me in the eyes and said you are in so much pain aren’t you? I said yes I have pain but there is many people just struggling to breathe, she asked me if she could help me, I thanked her and said it was the first time anyone had offered out of pure goodness to help me. I thanked her and said how much it meant to me but I would be fine. I got to my car which was in the disabled spot and i unpacked my trolley, then got into my car and burst into tears. Here was a lady in her 80’s asking me a 50 year old woman if she could help me. It was at that moment I realised I wear my disease on my face. Ever since that day I have tried to smile and say hi to people who look sad and they need a cheer up. I have always believed in paying it forward and I know after this experience my whole out look has changed. Yes I have a list of chronic diseases and yes they nearly made me go blind and tried their hardest to kill me last year, but I am now grabbing my life and hanging on so tight. I am going on my first ever cruise next month and then to port Douglas with my daughter in law (who has lupus) on a holiday I cant even remember entering. I am lucky I can still work a few days a week. I love my job and the people and patients I meet everyday and yes even the nasty ones. Some day’s dragging myself out of bed thinking why am I doing this? I now have my next goal which is to buy a van and grab my furbabies and head off to see some of this beautiful country we live in. So if anyone knows of a van like a backpackers one for sale at a reasonable price and not one going to break down every 5 minutes let me know. Again Sam I salute you. I not only have found a beautiful friend who checks up on me, but also a whole lot of new friends through the new musing page were I can say whatever I want to and feel safe in doing so. You have made my day today Sam, thank you

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    1. Oh Audrey, what beautiful comments. Thank you for sharing. I am so glad inwas able to make your day.’ve just made mine saying that.
      Lots of love xx


  9. Reblogged this on Leaving a Legacy and commented:
    May is Fibro Awareness Month. Since I seem to really be struggling to blog lately, I thought how about sharing someone elses fibro blog each day in May. I’m getting an early start, but here is a good one encouraging us to do those random acts of kindness. I know, for me, it is always nice to receive an act of kindness and when I give them I am always blessed. Take a moment to read at My Medical Musings today.

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  10. Such a beautiful picture of what that verse means! ❤ Thank you for sharing. I don't have a chronic illness, but both of my parents do, and I've seen what those little acts of kindness can do for them!

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