Healing Words….The Joy of Journaling

It’s no secret I love writing. Throughout my career the thing I loved the most was communication, written and verbal. To me its about connecting, making connections, renewing connections, allowing people into my life.

That’s certainly been my goal with my blogging. My public writing is centred around my health journey, the mystery of it all, the onslaught of it all, the victories and the set backs. It’s helping me to make sense of it all, something even my Specialists are battling to do!

During my last hospital admission a couple of weeks ago, one of my Specialists came into my room with a concerned look on his face and said, ” did you murder someone in a past life because it doesn’t seem fair to me that such a lovely lady should have to deal with so much”?

He was right, it doesn’t make sense that many, not just me, suffer from horrific chronic diseases, but to think in terms of fair or not fair is not helpful. To be proactive in the midst of it all is helpful and that’s where, for me, writing comes in. Blogging is a release, a place to record my medical mystery musings but there is another kind of writing that I do that is healing….Journaling.

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My journal is private. It’s where I bear my soul. I tell my journal anything and everything. I write frequently but not regularly. Sometimes once a month, then maybe every week for a while or I might put it aside for a few months. Its where I go when I need to release how I really feel. It captures my highest joys, my deepest hurts, my dreams, my hopes. It is healing.

There are no rules to journaling. You can write in any style you like. No one will edit it or comment on it. It doesn’t matter if it has spelling errors or illegible writing. You can draw in it, record favourite quotes, keep special cards or notes from friends to look back on when you need encouragement. It is your own special world and it is a wonderful thing.

With Christmas just around the corner and a New Year presenting fresh new chapters in your life, a journal could be a little treat to yourself. You may even find it becomes as important as daily medication and medical appointments.

Happy Journaling 💗

Sam xx

If you’re looking for genuine support, care, understanding & friendship, you are so welcome to join my closed Facebook support forum, Medical Musings with Friends . It’s a safe place to connect with others living with chronic & complex diseases, who truly understand the daily challenges. A warm welcome awaits.

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5 thoughts on “Healing Words….The Joy of Journaling

  1. I agree with your specialist, it’s not right. A lot in the world doesn’t make sense, and it can seem incredibly unfair sometimes. But we make what we can of what we have and our situations, and you do an amazing job of living, sharing & giving back, of keeping going when things get tough. Must admit I don’t journal any more; it was something I did years ago, then only on odd occasions, then it went by the wayside when life got in the way. I really should take it up again as it can be quite cathartic. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂
    Have a restful weekend. Caz x

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    1. Thanks for your encouraging comment Caz. I really appreciate it.
      I definitely don’t journal as much as I used to either. Blogging in some regards has distracted me from it but it is such a different way of expressing our innermost thoughts isn’t it. You are right about it being cathartic.
      Hope you have a lovely weekend too!
      Sam xx

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  2. Great post on journalling. I think it is a great thing to do to express how you feel, I am definitely going to get one for Christmas. I use one for blogging and love it. Everyone with a chronic illness should have one. X


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