My 5 Favourite Posts

As Christmas and year end comes around, I’m in a reflective mood.

After a tough few weeks with my health, I’m also suffering from writers block, so I’ve decided to take a short blogging break until after Christmas.

It’s been a great year for me from a writing perspective. I started writing for The Mighty at the start of the year and have amazingly had 24 articles published. Way beyond my expectations!! You can find these articles at My Author Page

As far as my blog is concerned, I thought I’d round off the year with selecting my 5 favourite posts to share with you. They may not necessarily have been the most popular but they are the posts that are special to me for various reasons.


So in no particular order, here are my 5 favourite posts of 2017:

Chatter, Clatter & Clarity

How Sweet it is to Trust in Jesus

Thank you Sweetheart

The End or the Start of a New Beginning

Patience and Purpose

I want to thank you, my readers, for your love, encouragement and support during 2017. I have so enjoyed sharing with you all, reading your comments and meeting so many other bloggers through various networks.

I wish you and your loved ones a very happy and relaxed Christmas and I look forward to sharing more with you very soon 💗

Take care

Sam xx






8 thoughts on “My 5 Favourite Posts

  1. Thanks for sharing these, it’s been wonderful being a part of your journey throughout 2017 Sam – Please take this time to focus on your, your health and wellbeing as you are incredibly important. Wishing you all my very best, and of course my happy wishes for a lovely Christmas ♥
    Caz xx

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  2. Sam, loved all of them though I’ve read a few before. Although, you’re the one who’s massively brave for going through all this with such a positive attitude, I’ve felt Peter is an equal hero (I’ve said this before). Not for being a great husband but for being a soul mate. A soul mate should be a best friend; one who has your back, one who loves to have fun and enjoy the same things as you and be there exactly when you need it.

    I always smile when I read paras on him and I pray to Jesus to find me a soul mate like him one day.

    Lots of love, Sonali


    1. Thanks so much Sonali. I so agree with you. Peter is definitely my rock & my greatest blessing. I’m prayinhg you will find your soul mate too. It happened for me 23 years ago when I’d stopped looking so don’t give up hope. God will have the perfect partner for you.
      Lots of love xx💗


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