A Merry Little Chronic Christmas

I was taking a little blogging break but I started musing about Christmas this morning and well… here I am again!

As Christmas fast approaches I imagine most of us, in the chronic illness community, are musing about what we want to realistically achieve over the next two weeks.

For those of us with Chronic Illness it can be an incredibly overwhelming time. Just trying to be happy for others, when your body is screaming at you, is enough to make you want to run and hide.

Even if, like me, you have a super quiet Christmas for two planned, there are still concerns. Will I be able to function on the day? Will I manage to stay out of hospital?

No amount of pacing or planning can ensure my body will do the right thing. I will pace though and my husband and I have removed all expectations. We will go with the flow and it doesn’t matter if it turns out to be a struggling day does it? Does it?

images (1)

Hmmm…..let’s be honest….it does matter. I’d be kidding myself to say it doesn’t. It matters a lot to me. I want my husband and I to enjoy Christmas dinner at the very least. He sacrifices so much without any complaining so I want him to enjoy turkey with the trimmings.

I want to feel as pain free as possible on the day so I can enjoy opening presents and chatting to family on the phone. I’d like the energy to look forward to phone calls.

I want to have some energy in reserve to really enjoy the Christmas DVD we’ve chosen to watch on Christmas night. I don’t want to be wishing it would be over because I can’t find a comfortable position for my broken bones.

Then there’s the things I miss. I miss not being able to travel to see my Dad & his wife for Christmas. They are so close but so far and that’s really hard. I miss not getting to a Carol Service and Christmas Eve/Day Church Service. I miss not being able to go to large shopping malls and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

Even for those of us who don’t suffer mental illness, the lead up to Christmas can be a melancholy time. It’s important to acknowledge all those feelings. They are real, important & very, very normal for the chronic illness sufferer.

If you are feeling a little melancholy….you are not alone.
My hope & prayer for us all is that whether surrounded by loved ones or home alone,  we will all have a merry little “Chronic” Christmas Day, no matter what it looks like, when it finally arrives.

Lots of love xx 💗💗


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18 thoughts on “A Merry Little Chronic Christmas

  1. You can’t control what your body will do on that Christmas night. But your thoughts are so positive, they inspire me! And I hope you enjoy that Christmas DVD and that turkey…and that you have a day full of smiles and love and hugs and laughter and blessings…sending lots of love your way my dear!

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  2. It certainly can be quite frustrating and disheartening, and the unpredictability of our bodies doesn’t help. But you’re right, we’re not alone. Such a heartening, supportive post, thank you for sharing. I hope you manage enough rest on the run-up to Christmas, Sam  ♥
    Caz x

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  3. This was heartening and a blessing to me tonight. I feel you, I do!! Thank you for your truthfulness. We all who are in the chronic illness world need to just – say it! I hope your Christmas is full of blessings, sweet memories and – calm. I think of the night Jesus was born when I use that word. All is calm. My wish for you. Prayers too.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment April. Your words are so beautiful. I was thinking this morning how much peace & joy there is when we stop & really focus on the true meaning of Christmas. We are after all celebrating the birth of Jesus. Everything else, while lovely, can distract us from that holy night. I hope you have a blessed & happy Christmas too xx


  4. Sam, thanks for this. It is a great and true accounting, for me at least. We had “Christmas” with my husband’s family yesterday. With my pain flares and still recovering from my asthma attack (not to mention the steroids that affected me physically and emotionally), I decided to keep things to a minimum. We only had one present to buy, for our grandnephew and wrapping it only took a little energy. My food contribution was my glazed carrots which hubby basically did for me. I did make the gravy at my in-law’s because that’s what I do. But they had everything ready so all I had to do was stand at the stove long enough to get it simmering and thick.

    The rest of the time I just sat and people came to talk to me. When it was dinner time Hubby got my plate of food, knowing what I can and can’t eat. Almost as soon as dinner was over I just plummeted energy-wise. I was so fatigued I wanted to cry even though it had been a great day. There were 15 people in total and that can really affect everything.

    When we got home I went straight to bed, got up an hour later, stayed up about 15 minutes and then at 8:00 pm went to bed for the night. I also slept in this morning.

    I am supposed to be having 3 people on Christmas Day but we still have time to ammend that and only have the two of us.

    Have a wonderful and quiet Christmas, Sam!


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    1. You did so well yesterday Lydia all things considered. It’s just not easy is it.

      I wrapped my hubby’s Christmas presents yesterday & by that I mean I put them in gift bags to make things easier. Oh my goodness!! The pain is just ridiculous from doing something so little.

      I’m glad you’ve got time to amend your Christmas Day plans. Above all else I hope & pray that Christmas Day is full of love, peace & joy for you & your husband xx 🎄

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      1. Thank you, Sam, and all the same for you and your husband. I think I have decided my No. 1 goal for Christmas is trying to attend a Christmas Eve service, whether at our church which is now a bit of a distance, or one more locally. If I can do that and not Christmas dinner, then hopefully everyone will understand.

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