Quote of the Day – When true Inspiration is needed I know where to go!

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Inspirational Quotes surround us in today’s world of Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. Throw away lines that are designed to challenge us and motivate us. Do they or are we overwhelmed by the many thoughts, sayings, likes and shares that crowd our day? Do we really take time to reflect and ponder and listen to our own thoughts, or even sort our own thoughts to work out what we really feel, what we really believe?

I’m pondering today, partly because I’m battling severe pain and partly because I need quietness to listen to my own heart, my own thoughts and to just be.

My pain levels are through the roof. I can’t weight bear on my broken leg. It was getting painful yesterday but this morning it was clear something is not right. It’s likely a muscle bleed or a piece of bone has broken off at the break site. All complications of a non union femur break that I am learning to identify and live with. There is nothing that can be done about either possibility.

If I lie on the bed or sit quietly the pain eases to a manageable level and going to a hospital, even a Private one, is just not really worth the effort. I have a new rule of thumb that if the episode doesn’t right itself in four days, I’ll call my Surgeon.

So as I ponder, I’ve been looking at inspirational quotes for the online support group I administer.  The more of them I read the more I feel a growing sense of emptiness. So many of them lack substance and that’s ok for a light hearted pick me up kind of day, when a throwaway line will make you smile and say “yeah, I like that”.

Today is not that kind of day. Today I need substance, today I need to go where I know I will find real strength, where my faith will be confirmed, where my soul will be comforted. My most favourite verse in the Bible that has kept me going through the  good days, the bad days and the in between days is:51fRmJ4q4TL._SL500_AC_SS350_

It is good to be reminded that God truly has a plan for my life, a hope and a future. Today, I need to be reminded of that and to know and to remember that I am blessed, to know for sure, that it is true.

When true inspiration is needed I know where to go!

Sam xx

If you’re looking for genuine support, care, understanding and friendship, you are so welcome to join my closed Facebook support forum, Medical Musings with Friends . It’s a safe place to connect with others living with chronic and complex diseases, who truly understand the daily challenges. A warm welcome awaits.

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13 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – When true Inspiration is needed I know where to go!

  1. So true – the bombardment of quotes and sayings lack soul and purpose. Your words don’t Sam. As always, they are beautiful and classy. Wishing mere words of comfort could lessen your pain in this case though. Sending love x x x x

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  2. Such true words. Nothing is as powerful and meaningful as the Word of God.

    I’m so sorry you’re in so much pain. Sending prayer and hugs. xx


  3. Oh Sam, I’m so sorry… I really do hope things ‘right themselves’ but otherwise do consider the hospital (as horrible a thought as that may be). Quotes like that one can be so comforting when we need it the most. Sending gentle hugs and much love your way.xx


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