Is Acceptance Just Resignation?

I wrote this article in February. I was just starting to write a new article on a similar theme but realised this one says it all.

The title I had in mind for a new blog post was “Accept and Adjust”.

Accepting our chronic disease isn’t enough. We have to take the next step to adjust. To create a new life, new ways of doing things. Acceptance doesn’t mean giving in or giving up.

Acceptance means we evolve. We adjust. We grow.

My original article on acceptance discusses this and I share ways that I have made life changing adjustments.

I hope as we head into a New Year, it helps anyone living with a chronic disease or caring for someone who does, review where you are in your acceptance journey.

What can you do differently to start adjusting your life appropriately?

I have some major challenges in 2019 to both accept and adjust to. I look forward to journeying through the New Year with my readers and my forum members, as together we continually accept and adjust to whatever the year presents.

Love and blessings

Sam xx

My Medical Musings

A friend recently posted a question in her Facebook Group, Freedom to Choose, about ways to gain freedom in life, so you can choose how you want to live it.

“What has most helped you to gain freedom in your life to choose exactly how you want to live it?” Jayne Bailey

My response was one word.


Of course I had to follow through with a short sentence because I really can’t stop at one word 😁

Acceptance brings me peace and freedom.

After posting that response, I pondered about whether acceptance was just a state of resigning myself to living with the shackles of my chronic disease. Or was it more than that?


I feel it’s more. To me the word resignation had a defeatist air about it.

Resignation (meaning): A sad feeling of accepting something that you do not like because you cannot easily change it.

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2 thoughts on “Is Acceptance Just Resignation?

  1. Dear Sam, I look forward to this journey with you in the new year! I know your challenges are so much more serious than mine. And yet your words ring true to each of us. This too is my much needed plan for the new year. My friends and family keep thinking I’m flaring but I know better. This is my new normal. Hugs to you! Xo Marla

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It can be incredibly difficult for friends and family to accept and adjust to the permanency of our situations. Often because they too are grieving the loss of their old friend, their sister, their daughter ……the person we used to be.
      I’m so looking forward to chatting with you throughout the New Year and providing whatever support I can.
      Hugs to you too my friend , Sam xx


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