There Is Something Good In Every Day…..Even With Chronic Disease

There is something good in every day.

Is there? Is that even a possible concept for those of us who have chronic diseases?

The initial response from the chronic illness community is likely to be a resounding “No”.

Pain, procedures, lack of sleep, lack of understanding, countless medical appointments and tests, chronic fatigue, lack of mobility etc. These all overwhelm the mind and body and constantly try to draw our focus away from seeing the moments of joy.

Moments that are good despite everything our bodies throw at us.


It’s Not All Bad

It’s a cooler evening and being a lover of the cold, I’m a very happy gal. I’m lying on the bed resting my bones while my beautiful husband is cooking a winter stew for dinner.

My legs don’t move in the mornings until my pain meds start to kick in. The same thing happens late afternoon as I wait to take my evening medication.

Even with medication I struggle with mobility and pain constantly throughout the day, due to my the non healing breaks in my femurs and feet.

My bone disease, more recently, is attacking my lumbar spine with severe stenosis, disc prolapses and fractures.

Rheumatoid Arthritis also plays a big part in causing constant pain in my hips, hands, neck and shoulders.

So while all is not good in terms of my disease progression, there is definitely something good to be found in each and every day. I feel very blessed to have recently moved into a lovely lowset home.  It’s a special bonus found in a chronic situation. A necessary bonus but how nice something necessary, to manage my health, can actually be a “good” thing!

There Is Plenty Of Good

There are other “good” things I enjoy every day. Some days they are a little harder to find but they are always there….I just have to look for them.

No matter where I live, I always enjoy my home. I enjoy pottering in it. I enjoy my soft furnishings and the pretty uplifting areas I’ve created to provide places to rest comfortably and renew my strength. It’s my sanctuary.

I love my online forum and conversing every day with others who truly understand what it’s like living with chronic and complex disease.

I love that I have the time to invest in this community and administer it in a way that makes it a safe place for others. I also enjoy actively being involved as a member of a couple of other select online forums.

I love being able to muse and write when moments of inspiration arrive ( or just when I feel like it anyway)

I love listening to music. I love singing.

I love watching my favourite TV shows at lunch time and during my late afternoon rest period.

I love the relative freedom that has come with medical retirement. I obviously miss my work and good health, but I am so relieved not to have undue pressures I can no longer physically cope with.

The more I look the more I find the good in every day. My list could be expanded but I’m going to stop and enjoy one of the things I really love….my late morning coffee ☕

What little bonuses do you enjoy as a result of your chronic illness? You might be surprised to find what good things have been added to your life when you stop to think about that question.

Take care

Sam xx

And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”

2 Corinthians 9v8

If you’re looking for genuine support, care, understanding & friendship, you are so welcome to join my closed Facebook support forum Medical Musings with Friends. It’s a safe place to connect with others living with chronic and complex diseases, who truly understand the daily challenges. A warm welcome awaits.

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12 thoughts on “There Is Something Good In Every Day…..Even With Chronic Disease

  1. I so admire your perspective, your ability to dig out the positives despite the pain and the myriad of health challenges you face. I try to count my blessings and take joy in the smallest of things every day, but it’s not easy. I do think that finding the positives – whether that’s things to enjoy, things to be grateful for, or the things you’ve learned and ways in which you’ve grown from your experiences – is so important in living your best life and keeping your head above the water with chronic illness. Wonderfully encouraging post, Sam  ♥
    Caz xx


    1. Thanks so much Caz. You inspire and encourage me so much with the way you live with your own health issues and reach out to so many others. You are a special lady. Lots of love xx


    1. I’m so sorry you’ve been struggling. It’s just hard sometimes isn’t it. I do understand. I hope next week is much better. Take care xx


  2. I love this post. It’s so important to seek out those things that make us feel happy. Some days it might feel that they are hard to find, but they’re still there and the more we focus on them, the easier they are to find.
    Such a lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have a half-written post on this very subject. 🙂 Even though much about our lives sucks, there are still many things we can be thankful for. I keep a “gratitude journal” and write down 3-5 items I’m grateful for every day. Then, on bad days, I can go back and read what I wrote, even if it’s just being thankful for my ice pack or headphones. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    @dSavannahCreate from dSavannahRambles


  4. When my Mom died she left behind letters for many of us. One thing she said in one of mine that has stuck with me is “Find something good in every day.” Since I’ve become sick it has been SO HELPFUL. I’ve actually found that there are a lot of things I would miss if I weren’t sick. Like seeing some really cool things in nature, noticing more kind gestures, etc. because I’m often moving so slow I have time to look around and take it all in.


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