Reflecting on Resilience and Becoming an Author

Rising Through Resilience: Author Samantha Moss On The Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient During Turbulent Times Click here for my article in Authority Magazine

Wow! It’s quite surreal to see this kind of heading in an article, your own article, published in a global magazine. I woke up to this today!

I think what gave me cause to stop in my tracks, and gulp a little too much air, was seeing the words “Author Samantha Moss”

I can’t believe I am now not just a blogger, but an actual author!

I’m so incredibly grateful to my book publisher, Jessica Cassick from  Imaginewe Publishers . We have been journeying together, for just over a year now, to bring my dream of turning this blog into my first book. My memoirs:”My Medical Musings …A Story Of Love, Laughter, Faith And Hope, As I Learn To Live Again With A Rare Disease 

We are on the precipice of releasing the book in the next few weeks. This article is part of the associated Public Relations, organised through my Publishers PR Manager. I just can’t stop pinching myself.

I so often write about hope and holding on to dreams, even if they seem out of reach right now.

In my healthy days my dream was to write a book. Something that would help others. Something authentic, real, full of truth and where I could share my faith and love of life.

I really didn’t have a story at that point in time I felt worthy of sharing, or wouldn’t impact the privacy of others in my life, so the dream was parked. Not forgotten!

A Changing Course

Life never remains stagnant, no matter how hard we might like to stick to a tight routine and think we are in control.

We are not in control. We can certainly be decisive and work towards plans and goals but we also need to understand these can quite easily be thrown up in the air, by all kinds of unexpected life events.

We need to be flexible. We need to be resilient.

I’m a big believer in setting goals. I think it helps to know where you’re going and it helps to have a reason to exercise your resilience muscle.         

However, goals are no good without plans. You need a roadmap to get you there. When we set goals they need to be achievable but they also need to be something we are passionate about. Something that drives us to want to achieve them.

Sam Moss – Authority Magazine article 2022

The interview I gave to Savio P. Clemente, at Authority Magazine, is all about resilience during turbulent times and it couldn’t be a more perfect topic to talk and write about, especially on the eve of my book launch.

Without resilience there is no way I would be coping today, both with the horrors of my health and the wonders of my new writing career.

As a result of my health issues, my story evolved. The course of my life changed forever. My book took it’s form and I was able to express my deepest thoughts, while writing some of my life story in a way that I hope respects those closest to me.

The article in Authority Magazine is a great summary of  some of what my readers can expect in my book.

I truly believe we all have the ability to be resilient.

One of the questions I was asked in the interview was: How would you define resilience? What do you believe are the characteristics or traits of resilient people?

I’ve always had a “Pollyanna” approach to life, even as a child, but living with a debilitating disease and being resilient requires much more than a happy disposition. I believe the characteristics or traits required are:

  • Determination
  • Courage
  • Acceptance…I write a lot about the importance of achieving a state of acceptance to find a new purpose.
  • Patience
  • Adaptable…being open to change
  • Self-belief
  • Integrity…it’s just as important to know when to say no to something or stop pushing when it isn’t the right thing to do. Integrity is all about honesty and having strong moral principles. To be genuinely resilient I believe you need the characteristic of integrity.

If your life has taken a life changing course, please don’t for one moment think it’s useless or over.

It is quite likely just beginning a whole new chapter with the most incredible unexpected opportunities, even in the midst of inexplicable trials. Look for them, dream about them, hope for them.

You are more resilient than you perhaps realise. I honestly never thought I had the the levels of resilience I have found. They were there though. Deep within, waiting to be called upon.

I hope you find your resilient spirit and the purpose filled life that awaits you.

Love,  Sam xx

My book “My Medical Musings”, is being published by Imaginewe Publishers. Pre-release sale will be available in May 2022.

If you’re looking for genuine support, care, understanding & friendship, you are so welcome to join my closed Facebook support forum, Medical Musings with Friends . It’s a safe place to connect with others living with chronic & complex diseases, who truly understand the daily challenges. A warm welcome awaits.

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2 thoughts on “Reflecting on Resilience and Becoming an Author

  1. Reading this page makes me want to have faith in my road forward! I’m not religious in any way, but I do believe their is a god of sorts out there! I’ll look forward to read your book when it’s out this month. I too have a multitude of chronic illnesses that are unexplainable (I’m a unique case) so the specialists say! Congratulations, I hear getting anything published is a hard slog.

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  2. Resilience means doing what we know is right without external approval or feedback. Or in other words, we are our own to keep going. In the case of Job, he showed great resilience in disobeying God. No one ever said that resilience is the right thing to keep doing. Though we have to admire the stories of those who kept going to achieve the right outcome, we have to acknowledge that he showed remarkable resilience in his ability to keep going.

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