A Messy Easter

For someone with a body failing at every opportunity, the joy and hope Easter offers is one day I will have a new life in heaven and a new body. Imagine no more sorrow or pain. How beautiful and what amazing grace to receive such a gift.

At Christmas, we so easily celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. It’s a joyous time of new life. What’s not to celebrate!

Easter is also a Christian celebration, but perhaps it can be a little harder to accept for those not familiar with the Christian faith. How can we celebrate a horrific death on a cross? What is it all about?

It’s about life’s purpose, redemption, and eternal life. Put as simply as I can, Jesus was born for the purpose of saving us from ourselves, from all the things we do wrong all the time, whether we are Christians or not. He was born to die on that cross, but that was never going to be the end of the story.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3v 16 (NIV)

He rose again to show us that life doesn’t come to a dead end. There is life after death, and we can confidently put our faith in Jesus and embrace the hope of eternal life, too. We simply just have to believe it’s true!

In the meantime, I am still finding new ways to enjoy the life I have now and to never, for one moment, take it for granted.

We All Need a Little Decadence In Our Lives

It wouldn’t be Easter without a little decadence.

I’m so limited in what I can do in the kitchen due to all my broken bones and extreme pain levels, so it has to be well planned.

Pain meds at their max is essential, and if I really want to prepare a treat for Peter and I, it has to be fast and simple.

This dessert recipe, which is based on an Eaton mess/trifle style dessert, ticks all the boxes, and it seems an appropriate name given all that happened at that first Easter. It was a frightening time on Good Friday and nothing neat and tidy about it, but three days later on Easter Sunday when Jesus rose again, all was beautiful and perfect. So, with a slight stretch of the imagination, I think my Easter Eaton Mess is quite symbolic for the season!

Here’s all that’s needed:

♡ Nice large wine glass;
♡ Pitted canned cherries in juice, or you can use canned or frozen raspberries or strawberries. Just whatever you can eat and is available;
♡ Vanilla Yoghurt and combine with custard. Mix is 50/50;
♡ A Sponge Finger (or stale sponge cake);
♡ Jelly (any flavour….I used strawberry, and it was jelly already prepared in a small tub bought from the supermarket;
♡ Meringue kisses, or any kind of pre bought meringue;
♡ Small Easter egg…mine is from a little Lindt special edition bag of eggs.


♤You literally just layer each of the above ingredients until the wine glass is full and top with the little Easter egg.

♤ The first step was, I placed one whole sponge finger in the glass and poured 2 teaspoons of cherry juice over it. You could use orange juice if your fruit of choice wasn’t already soaked in juice.

♤I chopped the jelly but left the meringue kisses unchopped (you can chop the meringue if you like for a different texture).

My layer order, after the sponge finger was placed in the glass, was:

♧ A few cherries
♧ Custard/Yoghurt mix
♧ Chopped jelly
♧ 2 meringue kisses

♤Repeat the above layers until the glass is full.

♤ Add the little Easter egg on top.

♤ Cover the wine glass with cling wrap.

♤ Place in the refrigerator to chill and to enjoy when you’re ready.

The whole process only took 10 minutes, and I survived it ❤

Bon Appetitè!

However you choose to spend Easter, I hope it is full of love, peace and joy….oh and of course some chocolate eggs and decadent desserts!

I pray for those of you, unwell and unable to celebrate Easter as you would like, that you would find the strength to enjoy simple things and use this time to rest and renew as best you can.

Take care, and I hope you have a very happy and blessed Easter.

Sam xx

A Little More Easter Decadence!!

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2 thoughts on “A Messy Easter

  1. Wishing and praying that you and Peter have an Easter of relaxing joy and peace. You are a blessing that I give thanks for, always, dear Sam❣️💕🐇💕🐥💕🙏🏻


  2. You know as a young person I asked my minister how it was that Jesus showed up on December 25 and was executed in April? I mean wasn’t the miracle that he he grew up, found a bunch of disciples, angered the religious establishment and got crucified by the Romans all in four months? I mean lets talk about miracles. Right?

    Well turns out he was a little angered by my question. I was sent to the balcony to visit with my Sunday school teacher and he said I would need to spend the next five Sundays with him up there.

    Hey they never did answer the question. I think Mr. Steve, my Sunday school teacher, was not happy that he was banished to the balcony with me It is OK really Mr. Steve ended up with his assistant after the divorce from his wife.

    Looking back on it maybe I was keeping him company for some transgression? LOL


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