Medical Musings with Friends

When health gets complex, I’ve come to realise it is really important to find others who are also battling multiple issues, to share the never-ending complexities that arise.

On January 14th 2017, I started an online support forum for women or men or carers, wanting the hand of friendship as they journey an often lonely and difficult path. This online group is a place to laugh, cry, share and vent together.

The only admin guidelines are:

  1. Keep it PG rated
  2. Respect one another
  3. Be generous in your support and care of one another
  4. If you have a lengthy post ( more than about 200 words) please include at the start your post the heading *Warning…long post*.  This allows other members the opportunity to come back to it later if they don’t have time or are feeling too unwell to cope with a lot of reading.
  5. Admin reserve the right to delete any inappropriate posts and remove members if necessary.

This is a closed facebook group so anything posted is for members eyes only. It will not show on your personal facebook feed.

The biggest challenge with starting the forum was what to call it. Given it’s an off shoot of my blog I decided on “Medical Musings with Friends”

In just 2 years this online community has over 1600 active members internationally. It is such an privilege and honour to share in the lives of so many others walking this chronic illness path.

I also have a wonderful team of  8 moderators helping me administer the forum. You can check out their personal stories here: Meet The Admin Team

If you are interested in joining here’s the link: Medical Musings With Friends

Please feel free to share or forward the link to anyone in your circle of family, friends or bloggers that you think may also like to join.

I look forward to extending a very warm welcome to new members😊💗


Take care

Sam xx

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