My Medical Musings…..The Book Is Available Now

I’m so excited to announce my book is now widely available, across Australia and the globe, and published by ImagineWe Publishers.

The book is a collection of my most popular blog posts, with new content included as I share my memoirs.

It has been a lifelong dream to write a book and I feel incredibly blessed for the opportunity, the love, support and encouragement from so many people.

We released the book on the 20th May 2022, for World Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Day. The perfect opportunity to raise awareness.

The book is currently available in soft copy and e-book.

The book can be purchased through my Publishers website and through Amazon, Koorong, Booktopia, Book Depository, Angus and Robertson, Barnes and Noble, and the list continues to grow.

Here are the links if you would like to purchase the book:

Imaginewe Publishers




Book Depository

Angus and Robertson

Barnes and Noble


While I am excited about my book being available globally, there is one bookstore that has a very special connection with my youth, my life and my late Dad. Having Koorong sell my book is a dream come true. Here’s the story explaining why I feel honoured and humbled to have their support:

Around the age of 17, I had the honour of meeting the founders of Koorong Bookstore, when they were guests in my family home for lunch. I remember being so excited to listen to Pastor Bootes vision of national expansion for Koorong, which back then was being transitioned from being run in their home garage, in the suburbs of Sydney Australia, to opening their first bookstore.

I have always loved books and at that age I would spend my weekends devouring as many novels and autobiographies as I could.

I immediately held a dream of one day being a published author and having my book sold through Koorong.

Well today, at 57 years of age and with a lot of faith and hope, that dream has just been realised. How amazing!

Koorong is now owned by Bible Society Australia, and has expanded nationally over 42 years, with 14 retail stores located across every state and territory except NT. They also deliver across the entire breadth of Australia via their online webstore. They have access to over 200,000 Christian titles both in print and print on demand.

To have my book accepted by them is such an honour.

I’m so excited that my book can be purchased throughout Australia through Koorong now, as postage is minimal and the service is excellent.

I love how in the midst of life’s challenges, (in my case severe disability and disease), dreams can still come true. 40 years later in my case.

For those of you who know your Bible stories, that’s actually very significant. Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness before reaching the “Promised Land”. So, I think I’m in pretty good company.

My Dad and I spent hours together in Koorong bookstores over the years so, in memory of my Dad who passed in 2021, having my book in Koorong is pretty much as special as special can get!

Thank You

Thank you so much everyone for all your support throughout my journey to become a published author.

Without your encouragement through comments and sharing my blog over the years, I wouldn’t have had the courage to write this book.

Take care

Sam xx

Book Reviews

Thank you so much for the reviews on Amazon from some of my followers who have read the book.

H. Edwards Profound thoughts in challenging health situations. October 27, 2022

This book grew from the author’s lived experience with diseases that cannot be fixed. Her Christian faith is a theme that flows throughout but should not detract from her philosophy, if readers have different faiths or none. The issues faced include living with the pain of broken bones that cannot heal, a stoma arising from bowel surgeries, an oral tumour and more. Despite this, she manages to find joy in life and share it with readers. Highly recommended.View this book’s reviews on Amazon

Fern The perfect book to feel less alone while living with chronic illness July 4, 2022 My Medical Musings’ is the type of book that you want to read slowly so you have time to savour each chapter and digest all the wisdom contained within. Sam has a wealth of experience of living and managing chronic illnesses and in this book she tells her own story and gives advice and tips to the reader on how to live well with their own illnesses so they can continue to live the best life possible no matter the circumstances. It’s written extremely well making it easy to dip in and out of and very much felt like having a cup of tea and conversation with a friend. Sam really gets what it’s like to face health challenges so this really is a fantastic book to read and feel less alone. I really enjoyed reading this and highly recommend it!View this book’s reviews on Amazon

dallas g lyalls Someone actually understands December 2, 2022 Reading this book feels like I’m sitting down with a good friend that actually understands chronic illness. The author shares her life story and provides encouragement during rough days of illness. She provides inspiration to keep looking up when everything seems upside down. This book helped change my focus from the bad things in my life to being thankful for the good things. If you (or someone you love) are fighting a chronic illness, I highly recommend this book to make your journey just a little brighter.View this book’s reviews on Amazon

Ann K. A wonderful inspiring book October 13, 2022 I have my own health issues and often look for inspiring, thoughtful, and anti-pity books and stories. This author hit it out of the ball park with her story. A must read to remind everyone, no matter what life throws at you, to take the smalls wins, the good days, and the friendships we have, and hold them tight and never stop advocating for oneself. This book is a keeper and will be read multiple times. I would recommend it not only for yourself but would make a lovely gift.View this book’s reviews on Amazon

Patti B. 05/06/2022 Samantha Moss shares wonderful encouragement and hope for anyone facing chronic illness, or any type of hard times. She has an upbeat attitude while still acknowledging the genuine struggles someone faces in dealing with chronic health challenges. Sam’s writing is absolutely captivating! You’ll be drawn into her story through rich details and examples that will help you feel not only less alone in your own struggles, but empowered to live well despite whatever you personally deal with. Her heart for others and determination to live a life of purpose and meaning despite her severe health issues will inspire you to move towards hope instead of despair and trade your doubts in for faith. Thank you Sam for your inspiration! For more reviews on my Publishers website, please click on this link:

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