The Horrors of My Health and the Wonders of My New Writing Career.

We are only one week away from my official book launch. My Medical Musings..The Book is both bitter-sweet for me. Without the horrors of my health, I wouldn't be celebrating the wonders of my new writing career. I'm both excited and full of trepidation about the book launch. I share deeply personal things about my … Continue reading The Horrors of My Health and the Wonders of My New Writing Career.

My Latest Podcast…A Dream Realised…I’m An Author!

My Latest Podcast episode is finally recorded... It's been a while between episodes but I've finally found time to record one!!As my book "My Medical Musings" is set to officially launch on May 20th, I share with you my excitement at achieving a lifelong dream of becoming an Author....and more importantly I encourage my listeners … Continue reading My Latest Podcast…A Dream Realised…I’m An Author!

Caring For The Carer

Many people with Chronic Illness require full time Carers. Often that role is filled by loved ones. Our husbands, wives, life partners, siblings, parents, children, even grandparents.Watching a loved one suffer is just so confronting. No one wants to see someone writhing in pain, or watch the person they're caring for lose their ability to … Continue reading Caring For The Carer

A Cup Of Tea Fixes Everything!

No matter what is going on in my life there is always a constant certainty….A cup of tea fixes everything!There is something strangely calming about putting on the kettle, taking out a pretty china cup or mug, anticipating sitting in a comfy chair and slowly sipping this hot delight.It may be coffee, or another beverage … Continue reading A Cup Of Tea Fixes Everything!

My Story

In 2010 I was in my mid 40’s, at the height of my career as an Executive Manager in a major bank. In April of 2010, I was getting ready to take 6 weeks long service leave to spend some quality time with my beautiful husband. We were going on a road trip, through South … Continue reading My Story