Dear Diary…..

It’s no secret I love writing. Throughout my career the thing I loved the most was communication, both written and verbal. To me communication is about connecting, making connections, renewing connections, allowing people into my life. It's certainly been my goal with blogging and writing articles, for a number of publications, including The Mighty. My … Continue reading Dear Diary…..

Old Loves, New Loves

You would be forgiven for thinking this is a Valentine’s Day post given the title I’ve chosen. Please rest assured it’s not. It’s a continuation of my musings about acceptance being the gateway to a new life. Acceptance is not a sad resignation, it’s the pathway to peace, happiness and freedom from prolonged grief. For me … Continue reading Old Loves, New Loves

Love It Or Loathe It….Valentine’s Day Is Here Again

So, it’s here again…Valentine’s Day. Special for some, annoying for many and a day to completely ignore for others. What we can celebrate today are “love stories”. They don’t necessarily have to be romantic love stories. We can recount stories of love shown from friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances or even a stranger. We can just … Continue reading Love It Or Loathe It….Valentine’s Day Is Here Again

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do!

Sometimes the path ahead in life can seem a little unclear. Sometimes we are faced with a range of life choices, almost too many, which often complicate matters and require a great deal of thought....too much thought!! Sometimes we have limited choices, none of which are particularly helpful, so instead of moving forward we feel … Continue reading What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do!

Loving “Moments” Of My Chronic Illness Life

I would have thought being disabled, and housebound, life would go slowly. I'd have thought each day would drag and each hour would leave me wondering how to fill my time. Ha...How Wrong Was I !! How is it days, weeks, months and even years keep speeding by? What have I done to make this … Continue reading Loving “Moments” Of My Chronic Illness Life

Climbing Mountains With My Chronic Illness Friends

After a week of appointments and feeling absolutely shattered, I looked at my calendar for the next day and it revealed a blank page. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Most of my days are a blank page. This particular week had been an exception to the rule and I was suffering for it. … Continue reading Climbing Mountains With My Chronic Illness Friends