The Non Negotiable Chronic Illness Rule

I love life's little challenges. I love problem solving and turning obstacles into opportunities. I love putting a positive spin on what would otherwise be a very negative situation. I've always done this, both in my personal and my working life. So, chronic disease really wasn't going to change my approach to finding a way … Continue reading The Non Negotiable Chronic Illness Rule

Nothing Lasts Forever

When living with chronic illness, and particularly chronic pain, life needs a level of certainty, of routine. To a large degree we can create workable daily routines, manage our medications and medical appointments, and keep life ticking along so we maintain our equilibrium as much as possible. I actually love change. Throughout my career I … Continue reading Nothing Lasts Forever

“You Sound And Look So Well!!”

When we have chronic illness, our minds are quickly programmed to think about all the things we can no longer do. Doctors, allied health professionals, family and friends, can easily feed us messages which concur with our “I can’t do it” mindset. Don’t get me wrong, there is lots we can’t do when living with … Continue reading “You Sound And Look So Well!!”

Along Came Chronic Illness And Life Turned Upside Down

We all make decisions every day. Big decisions, small decisions. Some we are aware of and some are just automatic. When I had reasonable health, I would spend my days making business and personal decisions without much effort. Some might have kept me awake at night but not many. I never had to think about … Continue reading Along Came Chronic Illness And Life Turned Upside Down

Standing By You While You Wait

Waiting isn’t easy, no matter what we are waiting for.2020 taught us this and 2021 has continued with the same waiting theme.As the world continues to grapple with a global health pandemic, we are all still waiting.Waiting for it to be over.Waiting for a vaccine against Coronavirus to become widely available and rolled out as … Continue reading Standing By You While You Wait