I’m Good…..My Body Is Misbehaving Though

As a little girl, around the age of 5 or 6, my parents taught me how to answer our home telephone. No mobiles in those days. A good old fashioned 1970’s styled phone where you physically needed to dial a number. I can still remember my answering script to this day. I would eagerly rush … Continue reading I’m Good…..My Body Is Misbehaving Though

The Joy Of Journaling

It’s no secret I love writing. Throughout my career the thing I loved the most was communication, both written and verbal. To me communication is about connecting, making connections, renewing connections, allowing people into my life. It's certainly been my goal with blogging and writing articles, for a number of publications, including The Mighty My … Continue reading The Joy Of Journaling

“I Should, I Better, I Have To” …..No, You Really Don’t!!

How often do you tell yourself " I should be doing such and such" or " I'd better do this or that" ? We all do it. It's like we are programmed from birth to constantly have a catalogue of "should do, must do, better do", all filed in the front of our minds for … Continue reading “I Should, I Better, I Have To” …..No, You Really Don’t!!

A Full And Fulfilled Chronic Illness Life

How do you continue to live life to the full when your health limits everything you do? How do you cope with waiting for a reprieve in symptoms when the reality is, no reprieve is coming? I’m not going to say there are easy answers to these questions because there definitely are not. It’s hard. … Continue reading A Full And Fulfilled Chronic Illness Life

It’s Christmas Eve……Chronic Illness Style

"You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I'm telling you why... Santa Claus is coming to Town!!" It's Christmas Eve!! I think it's always been my most favourite day of the Christmas period ever since I was a young girl. The excitement and anticipation of Christmas Day just around the … Continue reading It’s Christmas Eve……Chronic Illness Style

Thank You To All My Readers….My Top 2019 Blog Posts And Articles As Voted By You!!

As 2019 is coming to a close, I have been reflecting on my writing year. I've so enjoyed blogging plus writing articles for The Mighty So this blog post is simply to say "Thank you"! Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing my work on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Thank you for reaching out … Continue reading Thank You To All My Readers….My Top 2019 Blog Posts And Articles As Voted By You!!

I Love My Phone!! It’s My Chronic Illness Lifeline.

For those of us with Chronic Diseases, who are disabled to a point where getting out and about is difficult, our phones can be our lifeline. Many of us can no longer work and have given up exciting and rewarding careers because of our health.
Connecting with others through blogging, writing, managing or participating in online support forums, provides opportunities to connect with the wider community, in a meaningful way, from our homes or hospital beds.