I Love My Phone!! It’s My Chronic Illness Lifeline.

For those of us with Chronic Diseases, who are disabled to a point where getting out and about is difficult, our phones can be our lifeline. Many of us can no longer work and have given up exciting and rewarding careers because of our health.
Connecting with others through blogging, writing, managing or participating in online support forums, provides opportunities to connect with the wider community, in a meaningful way, from our homes or hospital beds.

A Drive Down Memory Lane ~ An Unexpected Emotional Road Trip

Memories are strange things. They can arrive when you least expect them. They can bring amazing joy or they can startle you. They can cause you to quietly reflect. You can be caught smiling for apparently no reason to others around you. You can feel melancholy. You can cry when you least expect it. Memory … Continue reading A Drive Down Memory Lane ~ An Unexpected Emotional Road Trip

The Joy of Journaling

It’s no secret I love writing. Throughout my career the thing I loved the most was communication, both written and verbal. To me it's about connecting, making connections, renewing connections, allowing people into my life. That’s certainly been my goal with blogging and writing articles for a number of publications, including The Mighty and  Blogs by Christian Women. … Continue reading The Joy of Journaling

Taking a “Professional Approach” with Your Medical Team

Growing up I was often referred to as “Pollyanna” as I naturally played the glad game, always looking for the positive in a situation. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I was born with that personality trait given the health issues that have been thrown at me. As I moved into adulthood I … Continue reading Taking a “Professional Approach” with Your Medical Team