It’s Father’s Day…..”Good Grief!”

My beautiful Dad passed away 5 months ago. The initial weeks after his passing saw me encompassed in raw grief. The kind of grief constantly creeping up on you, and opening the flood gate of tears, when you least expect it. The kind of grief where you  grapple to make sense of it all. When you … Continue reading It’s Father’s Day…..”Good Grief!”

Old Loves, New Loves

You would be forgiven for thinking this is a Valentine’s Day post given the title I’ve chosen. Please rest assured it’s not. It’s a continuation of my musings about acceptance being the gateway to a new life. Acceptance is not a sad resignation, it’s the pathway to peace, happiness and freedom from prolonged grief. For me … Continue reading Old Loves, New Loves

Christmas COVID Crisis – Can Christmas Really Be Cancelled?

As I wake to a beautiful Christmas sunrise in Australia, I soak in the peace and quiet and reflect on how blessed I am to live in such a lovely country. While I'm used to a chronically ill isolated life, I'm so aware a COVID Christmas crisis is affecting so many lives globally and within … Continue reading Christmas COVID Crisis – Can Christmas Really Be Cancelled?

Sending The “What Ifs” Of Life Packing

What if? What if my pain is worse tomorrow? What if I can’t sleep? What if I have a reaction to my new medication? What if my condition worsens? What if I contract COVID-19? What if my friends or family won’t understand why I need to continue to self isolate when pandemic restrictions are lifted? … Continue reading Sending The “What Ifs” Of Life Packing