As I Lay Me Down To Sleep…. Who Am I Kidding!

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine, especially when chronic illness turns the simple act of going to bed, into a circus act.I’m no poet, but as my husband and I recovered from last night’s antics over our morning coffee, our conversation ignited a tiny bit of poetic creativity:As I lay me down to sleepMy naughty … Continue reading As I Lay Me Down To Sleep…. Who Am I Kidding!

“If At First You Don’t Succeed….”

If at first you don't succeed….. Christmas Day Crisis Christmas Day was pretty much a right off for me. I was so unwell with a stoma blockage which caused many issues, including my pain medication not being absorbed. On Christmas Day I always like to wear a new outfit. It's been a long time tradition … Continue reading “If At First You Don’t Succeed….”

Decking The Halls With Comfort And Joy

“Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la”  Is it? Do you feel jolly or do you feel exhausted, stressed? Do you feel overwhelmed by your chronic illness, which refuses to understand Christmas is fast approaching, and you really could do with feeling healthy for the festive season? … Continue reading Decking The Halls With Comfort And Joy

A “Hallmark Moment”….In Chronic Illness Style

I love celebrating special occasions. I’m a real “Hallmarks moment” kind of girl. Always have been and I suspect I always will be. Cakes, balloons, lots of presents and good food. I love making the person who is celebrating their special day, feel like they are the most important and loved person in the world. … Continue reading A “Hallmark Moment”….In Chronic Illness Style