Nothing Lasts Forever…Time For A New Chapter

When living with chronic illness, and particularly chronic pain, life needs a level of certainty, of routine. To a large degree we can create workable daily routines, manage our medications and medical appointments and keep life ticking along so we maintain our equilibrium as much as possible. I actually love change. Throughout my career I … Continue reading Nothing Lasts Forever…Time For A New Chapter

Let’s Make Some Lemonade!

We all know the saying; "When life gives you lemons, use them to make lemonade" It conjures up the notion of strength, determination, optimism, resourcefulness, resilience. All characteristics I've drawn on to deal with the "chronic illness lemons" continuously thrown at me. My lemons often feel like tennis balls in one of those practice machines. … Continue reading Let’s Make Some Lemonade!

Facing An Uncertain New Year

One thing chronic illness guarantees is uncertainty. One thing a global pandemic, in the form of COVID-19, guarantees is uncertainty. No matter how much we might like to think we have things under control, our bodies, diseases, unexpected life events, loss of loved ones, always find a way of creating times of chaos, confusion, fear … Continue reading Facing An Uncertain New Year

Managing The Chronic Disease Curveball

At the start of a new week or month, I have a, “Celebrations Milestones and Memories” segment on my Facebook Forum, Medical Musings with Friends. The idea is to take a quiet moment, to think about what lies ahead. We muse about how we are feeling, what we are concerned about, what we are excited about. … Continue reading Managing The Chronic Disease Curveball