Let’s Make Some Lemonade!

We all know the saying; "When life gives you lemons, use them to make lemonade" It conjures up the notion of strength, determination, optimism, resourcefulness, resilience. All characteristics I've drawn on to deal with the "chronic illness lemons" continuously thrown at me. My lemons often feel like tennis balls in one of those practice machines. … Continue reading Let’s Make Some Lemonade!

Reviewing My Writing Year….Thank You For Reading, Sharing and Listening!

As 2021 is coming to a close, I like to take time to reflect on my writing year. I’ve so enjoyed blogging plus writing articles for The Mighty. I launched my Podcast in 2020, Medical Musings With Sam, which has proved to be a wonderful way to bring my blog posts to life. Thank You! So this … Continue reading Reviewing My Writing Year….Thank You For Reading, Sharing and Listening!

Sending The “What Ifs” Of Life Packing

What if? What if my pain is worse tomorrow? What if I can’t sleep? What if I have a reaction to my new medication? What if my condition worsens? What if I contract COVID-19? What if my friends or family won’t understand why I need to continue to self isolate when pandemic restrictions are lifted? … Continue reading Sending The “What Ifs” Of Life Packing

“Would You Like A Second Opinion?”… Surreal And Scary!

When you've lived with Chronic Illness for a number of years, at some point, you adjust to a new way of living. You eventually find a new norm. While you might expect a few highs, lows and some disease flares along the way, generally life evolves into a settled and comfortable pattern. Until it suddenly, … Continue reading “Would You Like A Second Opinion?”… Surreal And Scary!

Accepting Reality

The term "Rare Disease" suggests unknown territory, complications and no easy answers. That terminology definitely describes my rare bone disease. My Orthopaedic Specialist appointment today didn't fully deliver on my great expectations but on some levels it did. It certainly delivered a sense of direction and further understanding of what it means to live with … Continue reading Accepting Reality

My Story

In 2010 I was in my mid 40’s, at the height of my career as an Executive Manager in a major bank. In April of 2010, I was getting ready to take 6 weeks long service leave to spend some quality time with my beautiful husband. We were going on a road trip, through South … Continue reading My Story