I Love My Phone!! It’s My Chronic Illness Lifeline.

For those of us with Chronic Diseases, who are disabled to a point where getting out and about is difficult, our phones can be our lifeline. Many of us can no longer work and have given up exciting and rewarding careers because of our health. Connecting with others through blogging, writing, managing or participating in online support forums, provides opportunities to connect with the wider community, in a meaningful way, from our homes or hospital beds.

Taking Time To Understand Others

How many times have you jumped to a wrong conclusion about something? How many times have you inadvertently assessed a situation from the entirely wrong angle? How many times have you completely misjudged someone? Without even realising it, we all easily do this on a regular basis. Tiredness, busyness, listening to others views and opinions, … Continue reading Taking Time To Understand Others

Meet The Admin Team

Medical Musings with Friends started in January 2017. I was resting one afternoon in my bedroom, contemplating the new year ahead and wondering what possible purpose my life could hold, as my body kept spectacularly attacking me from every angle. I have a Rare Genetic Bone Disease with multiple bone breaks, ongoing surgeries, severe spinal … Continue reading Meet The Admin Team

It’ OK To Take An Online Break

One of the wonderful things that has come from living with a chronic disease is finding new networks and friends in the chronic illness and blogging communities. Before becoming disabled and unable to work, I had no idea about blogging and online support forums and believe it or not I never even had a Facebook … Continue reading It’ OK To Take An Online Break

Climbing Mountains With My Chronic Illness Friends

As I mused this morning about my day ahead, it was a blank page. I breathed a sigh of relief.  Most of my days are a blank page. I need to live this way. No planning ahead, no great expectations, just living moment by moment. It's a relief that I can live my life in … Continue reading Climbing Mountains With My Chronic Illness Friends