The Spinal Surgery Recovery Road

I'm a week post L4/L5 laminectomy and decompression surgery. I've been home from hospital for 5 days and the road to recovery has begun. Well sort of. I really feel like I'm still in survival mode. My Surgeon tells me we did the right thing proceeding with this surgery. My spinal cord was severely compressed … Continue reading The Spinal Surgery Recovery Road

From A Spine Tingling Saga To A Cracking Crisis

Sometimes the chronic illness road has twists and turns. Sometimes it has major cracks and potholes. My latest bone disease adventure has created a new chronic illness road cliché. I've found myself in the midst of what I'm calling,  a "cracking chronic fault line" Think earthquake and you'll get the idea. I recently wrote about … Continue reading From A Spine Tingling Saga To A Cracking Crisis