A Cup Of Tea Fixes Everything!

No matter what is going on in my life there is always a constant certainty….A cup of tea fixes everything!There is something strangely calming about putting on the kettle, taking out a pretty china cup or mug, anticipating sitting in a comfy chair and slowly sipping this hot delight.It may be coffee, or another beverage … Continue reading A Cup Of Tea Fixes Everything!

Podiatry Panic

If you're disabled, or live with chronic illness, you will understand the importance your allied health team play in keeping you functional. They are integral to your overall care and well being. They often become more than medical professionals, they become friends over time as they visit you at home, perhaps weekly or monthly. You … Continue reading Podiatry Panic

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep…. Who Am I Kidding!

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine, especially when chronic illness turns the simple act of going to bed, into a circus act.I’m no poet, but as my husband and I recovered from last night’s antics over our morning coffee, our conversation ignited a tiny bit of poetic creativity:As I lay me down to sleepMy naughty … Continue reading As I Lay Me Down To Sleep…. Who Am I Kidding!