Celebrating Good News, Feeling Sad, Facing Change? There’s Only One Solution… A Cup of Tea!

No matter what is going on in my life, there is always a constant certainty….

A cup of tea fixes everything!

There is something strangely calming about putting on the kettle, taking out a pretty china cup or mug, anticipating sitting in a comfy chair, and slowly sipping this hot delight.

It may be coffee or another beverage for you, but the idea remains the same.

I’ve always been an avid tea drinker but since becoming chronically ill, I seem to need it through an IV line!

So is it the actual drink, the ritual of making it, or the simple act of breaking the pain cycle, whether physical or mental pain, which causes a cuppa to create a feeling of joyful anticipation?

Let’s Pause For A Moment

For me it’s the whole process. I use my tea making as a pause in my day. I must confess I have many “pauses”.

It’s part of my pacing toolkit. Even the routine of getting dressed takes so much out of me so by the time I’ve brushed my teeth, dealt with my stoma, freshened up, put on clean clothes, a little makeup and fixed what’s left of my hair…. I’m done! Tea is needed asap!!

The first thing I do is hobble to the kitchen and put the kettle on. If I’m having a really bad day, I yell out to my husband from the bathroom;

Sweetie, I’m nearly finished here and I desperately need a cuppa”

The moment finally arrives. Lowering myself carefully and painfully into my armchair, and reaching for my cup of tea, always causes a sigh of utter relief to be released from my lips.

This is life at it’s simplest but it’s pure joy to me.

It’s more than just a cup of tea.

It signals it’s time to rest a while. It signals I’ve achieved a task. It signals I need time to think, and I’ve created space to muse and order my thoughts.

It is often time shared with my husband, who also needs to pace a little. He’ll join me for a cup of tea or coffee, and we’ll sit and chat for a while.

He loves green tea or freshly brewed coffee, while I love Yorkshire Gold or English breakfast tea.

My cup of tea often signals it’s time to write.

I remember so clearly when the manuscript of my recent published book was with my publisher for the first stage of editing. I wrote over 71000 words!! It was an epic undertaking for me to write that much and for my poor editor to edit. Not surprisingly, the whole process was fuelled by cups of tea. Many cups of tea!!

Editing had a second and third phase to ensure we all got it right, and even more cups of tea were consumed….along with my favourite French vanilla coffee.

Tea With Friends At Home

Long before COVID entered our world, I had a “virtual” life. A life where my friends were online. The concept of “tea with friends” changed for me since my diagnosis of a rare bone disease and subsequent disability.

I now love nothing more than sipping my cup of tea while chatting to my Medical Musings with Friends Facbook forum members. It seems fitting to engage in the social act of tea drinking while sharing life stories with my online friends.

I want my blog, my podcast, and my forum to have the feeling of inviting you to come and sit with me and talk about everything and anything. Just as you would with a best friend or favourite family member. I hope my book also ignites the same sense of feeling safe, nurtured, and at home.

There’s the key words…”at home”. A cup of tea and the act of making it conjures up the feeling of being at home.

As a child, I grew up with English parents. I’m sure the humble cuppa was the keystone to our existence. It was engrained in me to put the kettle on, no matter what the circumstance. If we got home from shopping or church, the kettle went on immediately. If we got bad news or good news, the trusty kettle would be boiling within minutes.

I’ve continued this childhood tea making tradition into my own home life, and I’m really glad I have. With chronic illness, I think chronic tea making is essential. I’m sure it keeps me sane.

Ooh…I can hear the kettle going on. Without me asking, my husband has read my mind. He knew I was blogging, and he knew what was coming next…..Time for tea!!

I hope you are reading this with a cuppa in hand, and if not, please join me in putting the kettle on. Let’s soak up the moment together of anticipating taking time out, to sit, sip, and savour for a while.


Sam xx


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