Tackling Decisions Chronic Illness Style

We all make decisions every day. Big decisions, small decisions. Some we are aware of and some are just automatic. When I had reasonable health, I would spend my days making business and personal decisions without much effort. Some might have kept me awake at night but not many. I never had to think about … Continue reading Tackling Decisions Chronic Illness Style

Breaking Free From A Birthday Bastillion

July 14th is Bastille Day. It also happens to be my birthday. I love all things French so I quite like sharing my birthday with such an important national day of celebration and remembrance for France. It is the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille and the start of the French Revolution. So What … Continue reading Breaking Free From A Birthday Bastillion

There Is Something Good In Every Day…..Even With Chronic Disease

There is something good in every day. Is there? Is that even a possible concept for those of us who have chronic diseases? The initial response from the chronic illness community is likely to be a resounding "No". Pain, procedures, lack of sleep, lack of understanding, countless medical appointments and tests, chronic fatigue, lack of … Continue reading There Is Something Good In Every Day…..Even With Chronic Disease

Dealing With Disease And Disappointment

Disappointments come to us all. They are part of life. As hard as they are to endure they can make the special moments in life seem even more precious. They also often teach us valuable life lessons. Despite that knowledge, we still need to live through life's disappointments. We need to find ways to survive … Continue reading Dealing With Disease And Disappointment