“Long Live The King”….A Coronation Celebration Chronic Illness Style

Love the Royal family or not, if you live in the UK or a Commonwealth country like Australia, Saturday, May 6th is the coronation of our new King Charles III.

I love all the pomp and ceremony. I was born in London but migrated to Australia with my parents when I was 3. We were the original “10 pound Aussies.” My Dad was a Carpenter by trade and, after living as a family in an Immigration reception camp at Point Walter in Western Australia for 6 weeks after we arrived by ship, my parents built a home and my Dad was soon a Manager in a furniture manufacturing company.

Given the life upheaval of immigrating it really did all come together relatively smoothly…..well, that’s the view of a then 3 year old!

On the Ship….Our Voyage begins

A Dual Citizen

I have always considered myself an Aussie who just happened to be born in the UK.

I have, what is best described as a tribe of a family in the UK as my parents each came from large families and each had 4 siblings.

Some of our UK would come down under during the summer holidays when I was growing up, so I have wonderful childhood memories of those visits.

I’ve been back to the UK twice, and I love it. I really am torn today in terms of where I would prefer to live. I now love Australia and the UK in equal measure. If it wasn’t for my progressive bone disease and other health issues, I’m pretty sure I’d at least be making regular trips between the two countries.

My mum was Scottish from Aberdeen, and my Dad’s family was originally from Yorkshire. They were dairy farmers on my grandmother’s side in Wensleydale. My grandmother was also born on May 6th, which happens to be the day of King Charles III coronation. I’m sure Grandma would have felt this was very special. I definitely feel it is.

A Chronic Illness Style Coronation

So, my husband and I will definitely be watching the coronation to mark this historic event. I’m going to prepare high tea for us just to make it a little special….cucumber sandwiches, ham sandwiches, Devonshire scones, etc, and of course, I have to use my best china!

My husband suggested I wear my wedding tiara. I think that’s going a bit far, even for me. I was thinking maybe my PJs given it will be streamed live late afternoon/evening in Australia, and I’ll be starting to wilt energy wise.

When it comes to living with chronic illness, I always think it’s important to do things within your limits that allow you to look forward to something a little special. So events like the coronation give an opportunity to do just that, even if you would like to be a Republican.

I guess it seems fitting to end this blog post with the words:
” Long live the King!”

Love, Sam xx

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