I think I can, I think I can….oops….maybe not!

Sometimes my head thinks I’m wonder woman & decides to run ahead with a list of “things to do” without actually consulting with the rest of my body to see if in fact any movement at all is possible. The consequences of my head taking over, is that my body tries to keep up & before long I’m almost paralyzed as a result.

Fine example is my vacuuming attempt this week. Let’s remember that to vacuum you generally need both arms & two legs are useful. I’m currently on one crutch at home & two crutches outside of the house. One leg barely works as it’s trying to mend a major break & recover from surgery & the other leg is exhausted from doing most of the leg work. Despite that ,I thought that given I’ve been seeing some really good improvement with my walking using crutches & I’ve been able to take some good steps in the kitchen & bathroom without the aid of the crutches, it was obviously time to try & extend myself.

We have a stick upright vacuum & my thinking was that I could use that as a crutch while walking around the house & cleaning at the same time. Ingenious!!! It worked quite well for a few minutes & then I started to feel more pain than I should but that head of mine kept saying “I think I can, I think I can, I know I can”. So I continued for 15 minutes, then emptied the dishwasher, then swept out the garage using the broom as my crutch & then wiped down the outdoor furniture with one crutch in hand. How pleased was I….what an achievement.

Result? I now have a leg that looks like it belongs to an elephant & my good leg doesn’t look much better. The pain & inflammation is horrific & I only have myself to blame. I’m hoping that once I have recovered from my crazy workout, that my muscles might have at least strengthened a bit & some good might come out of it all.

In the meantime I’m stuck with my leg up , dreaming up more lists that are just going to have to wait….at least until the memory of this episode has passed 🙂

4 thoughts on “I think I can, I think I can….oops….maybe not!

  1. This is so true. Especially when you’re having a good day or a good week and you try to do a little more than you know you should. Although, I often try to do things that are too difficult even when I’m not having a good day.

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    1. I know what you mean Nicole. I do that too…you’d think we’d learn wouldn’t you ha ha. There’s always that little voice in my head telling me I can do something even when my body is screaming NO….not sure that will ever change. Thanks for replying.

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