The Face Lump is gone and it’s all good news!

A few posts back I wrote about a lump that had formed on the right lower side of my face. I had the lump cut out 7 days ago. I love my Dermatologist…you wouldn’t even know I had a peanut sized lump on my face at all. No scar and the mole that was on top of the lump is now nicely back in place. It’s nice when something is not complicated.

The lump biopsy results were a surprise to my Dermatologist though. Turns out it was a ruptured inflamed hair follicle. Such a strange place to have a ruptured hair follicle…it was on my left cheek under a mole and the mole never ever had any hairs shooting out from it. Anyway, that’s what it was and that’s why it was so sore and kept swelling up and down depending on the inflammation process at the time.

Good news though, all benign and no more treatment needed! Thank goodness for that. Now I just have to get my saggy right eyelid looked at….next week’s adventure 🙂

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