Just one of those days!!


This is not health related at all but it’s doing my head in, so maybe a little health related!.   My husband and I live in small complex of 4 town homes. Yesterday it was discovered that there was a leaking pipe coming somewhere from the mains in the common property area. Our neighbour noticed water running rapidly through the storm water drain in the complex and alerted us to it. Being medically retired and at home we get the lovely job of organising plumbers and being on site etc… which we are more than happy to do. Anyway today the plumbers are here with the concreters jack hammering our shared driveway to try and find where the leak is coming from. What a noise! What a mess!! Mud and water and road base everywhere! We’ve all had to park out on the street otherwise we’d be trapped in. The water keeps being turned off and on and they are still no closer to finding where in the pipes the leak is coming from.

We went out this morning for a lovely coffee overlooking the looking the Bay and providing us with a break from the noise but with Rheumatoid Arthritis, plus a broken leg and a colostomy I just can’t sustain being out all day.

Ahhhh wait.. the machine has stopped for a moment!! Looking out my window there are 3 plumbers all staring down a large hole in the concrete scratching their heads….concerning? Yes but at least some peace and quiet… yeah! I’ll enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

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