Dickens meets Rosie ~ A special moment


A dear friend of mine has a stoma called Rosie. Rosie has been giving her a hard time of late and she has been in and out of hospital as a result. Life has been tough but she is an amazing lady who keeps bouncing back and brings much joy to others ( more than she perhaps realises!)

I was talking to this lovely friend this week on the phone and she told me a beautiful story that had happened that afternoon which I just can’t get out of my head and I need to share. She was in a clothing area of a department store and was looking at a top which was perfect for covering up Rosie on bad days. At the same time a lady in her 70’s, who was obviously feeling quite frail and had her daughter with her for support, was looking at the same top as my friend. She said to her daughter ” This top would be perfect for covering Dickens”

My friends thought was what on earth would Dickens be, other than a stoma!!Spontaneously my friend turned to the lady and said ” I need that top in that size to cover Rosie!”. They looked at each other and there was a silent understanding immediately that both were talking about their stomas. The lady was recovering from bowel cancer and had only had “Dickens” for 3 months and was finding the adjustment difficult. My friend was able to give the encouragement needed at just that moment and she in turn was encouraged by being able to help someone else in a similar predicament.

Right there in the middle of a shop, two complete strangers meeting over one top, both feeling fragile and burdened by the uncertainty of their health and in particular the management of their stomas! How special, how amazing, how beautiful! A blessed meeting…I just love it when things like that happen.

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