Little Things Do Matter….Especially When Living With Chronic Illness

We often think of God’s plans for our life in terms of grandiose ideas. We may think the little things in our life are just not as important as the big-ticket items. In my experience, little things do matter in the big scheme of things. When I medically retired 4 years ago, despite being disabled, there … Continue reading Little Things Do Matter….Especially When Living With Chronic Illness

The 2018 Event Of The Year is on It’s Way!

2018 RABlog Week Banner

2018 RDBlog Week Sign Up Page is ready!!

It’s nearly time for #RDblogweek. My FB Forum, Medical Musings with Friends, is very excited to be a sponsor this year.

If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis and are a blogger, we’d love you to sign up and join in the fun!!💞💞

I’m re-blogging my round up of last years RA blog week. It might just help wet your appetite for this years event

Take care

Sam xx

My Medical Musings

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This week I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the Annual RA Blog Week. It’s a wonderful event for bloggers from around the world to share their insights on what it’s like living with Rheumatoid Arthritis & often other associated autoimmune diseases.

Each day of the week a topic is chosen for bloggers to write about. On the last day of the week we are asked to highlight some of the great blogs we have read during the blogging event.

This year I can’t choose. I was really impressed with the varying writing styles & insights that each blogger brought to the event.

So, I’ve decided to highlight & applaud everyone 😊

Below are the topics for each day of the week. If you click on the topic title for each day it will take you to the most inspiring & awesome blogs.

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  • Monday September 25, 2017

Mental Health –

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Taking A “One Day At A Time” Philosophy With Chronic Illness

"Trigeminal Neuralgia.....what on earth is that?" That was my reaction when I was hospitalised in May 2014 with the most severe right-sided face pain that I had ever experienced in my life. I had been trying to cope with it for 3 weeks with strong pain killers. I was thinking it was just another idiosyncrasy special … Continue reading Taking A “One Day At A Time” Philosophy With Chronic Illness