Rudolphs 2nd Stomaversary !

Rudolphs Second Stomaversary

Today is Rudolph’s 2nd Stomaversary. On the 11th November 2013 my little stoma friend was created and it is an important day to reflect and to celebrate ( as strange as that might sound).

For a person with a stoma the day of its creation can be viewed two ways. One of despair at an enforced life changing event, or one of celebration of a life giving event. For me my stoma was definitely a life changing event but more importantly it has given me freedom from the pain and distress and even infections I constantly I had before Rudolph came into my life. It has been an incredibly positive experience for me.

I was blessed to be able to have time though to make the decision to have a stoma. While I really didn’t have any choice, my Colorectal Surgeon very gently led me through a process, where I could of my own free will say to him “I’m ready, let’s do this”.  Not everyone gets that opportunity and while today I’m celebrating a positive health life choice, I also am thinking of those who are still struggling to come to terms with such a radical change to their lives. My heart goes out to them.

To mark Rudolphs 2nd Stomaversary, Peter and I have just celebrated over a casual Bayside lunch, looking out to the beautiful Moreton Bay Islands. As we sat there we not only celebrated the fact that Rudolph in many ways saved my life but also that we are so blessed, as a result of that life change, to also have had overflowing blessings of a home of our own, in a beautiful part of our state and country. We also reflected that the timing of my stomas creation was more perfect that we realised, as we had no idea on this day 2 years ago that one year later, my left femur would spontaneously break and another whole complex and convoluted health issue lay ahead of us. Thank goodness the bowel issues were at least sorted as best they could be before that next great event in our lives began and continues I might add.

So it’s a Happy Stomaversary Day for me and a day I will definitely always mark with some kind of celebration and reflection. We couldn’t resist a cake with a Rudolph nose either…just seemed meant 🙂

Rudolph cake

One thought on “Rudolphs 2nd Stomaversary !

  1. I was typing my email at the same time as your Stomaversary Musing came through. Black Forest is my favourite and was the one we shared with fiends at my Sunday afternoon birthday party.,
    love from Peter and Lesley

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