Caring Angels

The past 3 weeks Peter & I have been introduced to the world of carers. In various ways we have both been carers to others all our lives, so to step into the shoes of being the one needing care was a humbling and actually beautiful experience.

We decided to use the services of Pres Care, owned by the Presbyterian Church and we have been so blessed in every interaction with the staff. We have had 4 carers, Shelley, Seba,  Sarah and Sue. Something about the letter S here I think!!  Each have their own story and reason for entering into the Caring profession. Each have become good friends and we will always look on this difficult period as one that was made so much easier because of these angels.


There is however nothing like your own independence and we just received the best Christmas present. Peters Surgeon has just cleared him to drive. We can return to our own special kind of normal. We are so excited but at the same time it will be sad to say goodbye to our Carers.

At least I know help is only a phone call away should we need it again and let’s face it, that is highly likely given my situation. In the meantime though we thank our angel carers and send them on their way to bring relief and goodwill to someone else who really needs their help.



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