Thankful Thursday: I’m Feeling Grateful!

A beautiful uplifting blog post, from my very special friend Erin, who is reflecting on all the things she is grateful for.

Erin lives with multiple chronic diseases, including debilitating Gastroparesis. Despite her own struggles, Erin has been an amazing support to me, personally and as one of the key moderators on both my Medical Musings with Friends Forum and linked Twitter account.

I’m so grateful for you Erin 💗

Sam xx


A Chronic Spoonful

The Facebook group that I help moderate, Medical Musings with Friends, runs a weekly thread called ‘Thankful Thursdays’.

The wonderful lady who started the forum, Sam, encourages members to reflect on the things that we are thankful for each week. It’s an excellent exercise in gratefulness.

I’ve written before about being thankful, however I wanted to dedicate a specific post to some people and things that I am particularly appreciative for.

img_20171221_133649_3330001789319340.pngMy Husband

Within the first six month or so of dating my husband, I got pneumonia. He came to my aid and helped me out a lot. During our time dating, I was sick on and off, and had several bad injuries. He stuck by me, and made the decision to marry me. He didn’t know, however, that my issues would be permanent.

The last couple of years, when my health has declined, he has been…

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