The “Chronic Illness” Law of Diminishing Returns

My title might suggest a study in economics but rest assured it is not where I am heading with this. The Law of Diminishing Returns Refers to a point at which the level of  benefits gained is less than the amount of money or energy invested. When you live with chronic illness, over time your expectations, … Continue reading The “Chronic Illness” Law of Diminishing Returns

Caring For The Carer

Many people with Chronic Illness require full time Carers. Often that role is filled by loved ones. Our husbands, wives, life partners, siblings, parents, children, even grandparents. Watching a loved one suffer is just so confronting. No one wants to see someone writhing in pain, or watch the person they're caring for lose their ability … Continue reading Caring For The Carer

Riding The Chronic Illness Carousel

When you've lived with chronic disease for a while, you'll inevitably arrive at a stage in your journey, where you feel you've come full circle. Perhaps, you feel you are constantly going around in circles. This is often the experience many patients have when first seeking a diagnosis. It can be a confusing and distressing … Continue reading Riding The Chronic Illness Carousel

“Would You Like A Second Opinion?”… Surreal And Scary!

When you've lived with Chronic Illness for a number of years, at some point, you adjust to a new way of living. You eventually find a new norm. While you might expect a few highs, lows and some disease flares along the way, generally life evolves into a settled and comfortable pattern. Until it suddenly, … Continue reading “Would You Like A Second Opinion?”… Surreal And Scary!

Finding Your Way Through A Chronic Illness Conundrum

You know that feeling when you are completing a jigsaw puzzle only to find that a piece is missing? It’s a devastating moment. Your stomach turns just a little. All that work, all that effort, all that anticipation of a final outcome. A completed picture was the awaiting reward but it’s been snatched away from … Continue reading Finding Your Way Through A Chronic Illness Conundrum

Bigger Isn’t Always Better In Life

Bigger isn't always better in life. I'm not talking about weight size or the size of your bank balance or home, I'm talking about bigger bones. If you research bone disease on "Dr Google" you'll find copious amounts of information about Osteoporosis, low bone density and the importance of having good healthy bones. Try researching high … Continue reading Bigger Isn’t Always Better In Life