Easter Celebrations COVID Style

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact our lives globally, important personal milestones and celebrations still scatter our calendars. Events we looked forward to and perhaps been planning to celebrate long before COVID-19 became part of our daily vocabulary. Often these events, such as birthdays and anniversaries, or soon to arrive Easter, are opportunities for … Continue reading Easter Celebrations COVID Style

Love It Or Loathe It….Valentine’s Day Is Here Again

So, it’s here again…Valentine’s Day. Special for some, annoying for many and a day to completely ignore for others. What we can celebrate today are “love stories”. They don’t necessarily have to be romantic love stories. We can recount stories of love shown from friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances or even a stranger. We can just … Continue reading Love It Or Loathe It….Valentine’s Day Is Here Again

It’s Chronically Close To A COVID Christmas

It’s on its way! There is no stopping it! Christmas is coming! This thought will either excite you or leave you trembling with trepidation. Or maybe the jury is out on how you feel, but generally the Christmas/ Holiday Season and the lead up to the big day, is forefront of mind during November. For … Continue reading It’s Chronically Close To A COVID Christmas

A “Hallmark Moment”….In Chronic Illness Style

I love celebrating special occasions. I’m a real “Hallmarks moment” kind of girl. Always have been and I suspect I always will be. Cakes, balloons, lots of presents and good food. I love making the person who is celebrating their special day, feel like they are the most important and loved person in the world. … Continue reading A “Hallmark Moment”….In Chronic Illness Style