Sleepless Night Strategies

I can cope with most things about my disability. I'm not saying it's easy. It's far from easy but I have a toolkit of chronic disease management strategies, I've written about in the past, that help me on a daily basis......(My Chronic Disease Management Plan and Body Behaving Badly) My pain is unrelenting during the day but … Continue reading Sleepless Night Strategies

Shining a Light on Living with Chronic Pain

Unrelenting levels of pain, excruciating pain, day in day out is isolating, exhausting. It's so hard to describe to others who have not experienced this kind of life altering agony. I know there are so many people who suffer enormous pain each and every day, who perhaps can’t find their voice to explain it or … Continue reading Shining a Light on Living with Chronic Pain

When All Else Fails….Just Cancel The Day

I love life's little challenges. I love problem solving and turning obstacles into opportunities. I love putting positive spins on what would otherwise be a very negative situation. I've done that all my life, both in my personal life and my working life. So, chronic disease really wasn't going to change that about me. It's … Continue reading When All Else Fails….Just Cancel The Day

A New Day Will Dawn Every Morning….Clinging to Hope

Every morning I wake up thinking, “Today will be a better day” Everyday, for more years than I care to count, I finish the day feeling battle weary. Every night I close my eyes to sleep, clinging to the hope that sleep will be renewing and I will wake up feeling refreshed. Every night I … Continue reading A New Day Will Dawn Every Morning….Clinging to Hope

Tackling Decisions Chronic Illness Style

We all make decisions every day. Big decisions, small decisions. Some we are aware of and some are just automatic. When I had reasonable health, I would spend my days making business and personal decisions without much effort. Some might have kept me awake at night but not many. I never had to think about … Continue reading Tackling Decisions Chronic Illness Style