Snap, Crackle, Pop…Caring Love Never Stops!

Snap, crackle and pop…and just like that I can't move my back. I've been doing reasonably well so it's disappointing when my broken body decides to break a little more, but this is life with a crazy bone disease. I can't thank my beautiful husband enough for his love and support. When you can't do … Continue reading Snap, Crackle, Pop…Caring Love Never Stops!

Caring For The Carer

Many people with Chronic Illness require full time Carers. Often that role is filled by loved ones. Our husbands, wives, life partners, siblings, parents, children, even grandparents.Watching a loved one suffer is just so confronting. No one wants to see someone writhing in pain, or watch the person they're caring for lose their ability to … Continue reading Caring For The Carer

Nothing Lasts Forever…Time For A New Chapter

When living with chronic illness, and particularly chronic pain, life needs a level of certainty, of routine. To a large degree we can create workable daily routines, manage our medications and medical appointments and keep life ticking along so we maintain our equilibrium as much as possible. I actually love change. Throughout my career I … Continue reading Nothing Lasts Forever…Time For A New Chapter