It’s “Chronically” Close To Christmas!!

It's on its way! There is no stopping it! Christmas is coming! That thought will either excite you or leave you trembling with trepidation. There may be an in between reaction but generally the Christmas/ Holiday Season and the lead up to the big day, is forefront of mind by mid November. For those of … Continue reading It’s “Chronically” Close To Christmas!!

Gratefully Taking Nothing For Granted

"Life is too short, take nothing for granted" These are catch phrases we have probably allowed to roll off our tongues at one time or another. Both have so much meaning and I hazard a guess, a slightly different meaning for all of us. On my Facebook Support Group, we have a weekly segment called … Continue reading Gratefully Taking Nothing For Granted

Music Makes Everything Better

I don't generally suffer from anxiety. It doesn't mean I don't get stressed in, or about, certain circumstances. Of course I do. We all do. In general, my overall health situation doesn't stress me. I accept it is what it is and I'm adjusting my life accordingly. Pain however, when it is at unrelenting levels … Continue reading Music Makes Everything Better