Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon – A long formidable title but a lovely Dr

I’ve just had my encounter with yet another new Specialist. This time it was an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, called in to review why my complicated tooth extraction late last year was still showing signs of an abscess and why the infected bone that was extracted at the same time as the tooth, was re-growing in an odd direction ( according to my Dentist).

Much to my relief this particular Specialist was such a lovely guy. Within minutes he had formed  a clear picture of my health complexities without a lot of explanation from me, always a special moment when that happens. Actually that clear picture he formed has made him too scared to undertake any kind of treatment on me unless absolutely necessary as he thinks I have way too much too deal with at the moment, so if we can defer, wait and see, cross our fingers it will all go away on its own ( his words) that would be best……that response was a definite answer to my prayer!!

I have had enough of procedures, surgeries, being prodded and poked unless absolutely critical to my overall survival!!! 

We did both agree though that we need to make sure my bone isn’t harbouring a horrible infection (osteomyelitis), so I am off for a CT scan on Thursday. I’m praying it will all be good news and we can just put the concerns of my normal dentist to rest and agree the abnormalities are just that I am healing slowly from last years procedure.

Just as an aside,  last night I was enjoying a home made pizza that my husband had lovingly made with chicken, spinach and dollops of cream cheese. My bowel is still not settled from being inflamed ( see my Room with a View post) but all of the ingredients on the pizza were stoma friendly.   It was beautiful but it was so hot. I carefully took my first mouthful but the creamy dollop of cheese just slipped under my tongue and refused to move…result….4 huge blisters on the floor of my mouth. They instantly inflamed and having an inflammatory disease the blisters decided to have a party. My glands were swollen, I looked like a bull frog and the swelling under my tongue made it almost impossible to open my mouth. Not what I needed when having to see the Specialist this morning!! It is still sore and swollen today but I didn’t mention it to him as I wanted to focus on the task at hand. Unbelievable timing !! Apparently ( according to Dr Google) it will take at least a week to heal.

Why is it that sometimes the little things like a blistered mouth are so hard to put up with when they are really so inconsequential in the big scheme of things. Maybe its just because it’s another thing. Time will heal and the good news is I still enjoyed the pizza to the very end with a burnt, swollen mouth and all….followed by lots of ice cubes 🙂

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