A tube of saliva…. here starts the Genetic journey!

I received in the post today the kit from the Project team conducting the Next Generation Sequencing for Genetic Conditions, in particular bone diseases. You may remember I was invited and I agreed to participate in this research project in the hope that:

1. We might find some definitive answers as to why my leg spontaneously broke and;

2. I might be able to help the researchers find answers for others.

The wonderful thing about this project is because all the participants have some kind of bone disease and physical disability, all tests are sent through the mail and all consultations are conducted over the phone. That in itself made it so much easier for me to say yes when I was initially invited to participate.

Test tube

So, first step over and I have to say there was nothing very glamorous about spitting into a tube. The tube had to be filled to a certain level and it took 5 minutes to fill. Bubbles (charming!) weren’t allowed to be included so any bubbles had to sit above the spit level line. Then you had to click a special lid onto the tube which released a solution into my saliva. After that the special lid had to come off and another lid put on and you had to shake the tube for 5 seconds. The tube then had to be packed in a provided plastic cylinder with absorbent packaging inside it, which then had to be put in a cardboard cylinder, which then had to be put in a another cardboard cylinder with a lid on it. Final step, it all had to go in a express post envelope with my signed consent and time of sample affixed. Ahhh…I’m feeling quite exhausted after all that!!

My husband just took it down to the post office in time for the 6pm mail pickup and I have a relieved feeling of mission accomplished. I don’t know what will be revealed. I don’t know if the results will be good news or unexpected news. I may find I have conditions to worry about that I don’t currently know about. These are the risks. I do though feel that I am doing the right thing participating in this research and I am trusting God to guide me through the unknown with a sense of peace and trust that passes all understanding. He always has and I know He always will.

2 thoughts on “A tube of saliva…. here starts the Genetic journey!

  1. Thinking of you always my dear dear friend, you have had more than anyone I know and still you keep your spirits high and carry on – you are an inspiration 🙂 Tracey xx


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