Dental CT Scan Results ~ I haven’t escaped with a clear report card!!


Ok, not quite as dramatic as my tongue needing to extracted but the Dental CT Scan the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon sent me for, has revealed a bone fragment is jutting out from my jaw bone into my gum. So that explains the inflammation in that area and if I wasn’t on so many pain killers, particularly Lyrica which prevents me from feeling nerve pain, I would be in a significant amount of pain. Very grateful not to be!

A bone fragment or splinter following  a difficult tooth extraction is not that uncommon but generally they do come out on their own a couple of weeks after extraction. My tooth extraction was 7 months ago and the Surgeon just called me to say that given my health history it is unlikely it will set itself free on its own….of course not!! That would just be too easy wouldn’t it.

So, I’m booked in for debridement surgery on the 11th May. We are still giving it 6 more weeks to behave and get out of my gum on its own…not likely I know but the Surgeon is also going on holidays so works for him and I’m still recovering from my last hospital stint so works for me too 🙂

In all seriousness it is quite likely that this piece of bone is still very attached to my jaw bone so we do need to get it sorted as it is also likely that it caused the return of the abscess a couple of weeks ago, which required double antibiotics and the antibiotics caused my bowel to inflame & landed me in hospital. It certainly is a vicious circle when you are dealing with a complex auto immune disease and you have to keep on top of things before they very quickly get on top of you….keeps life interesting!

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