Knee screw in, knee screw out…you guessed it!!

I have to have the knee screw re inserted that I had taken out 7 weeks ago. Why is it a new version of the hockey pockey song keeps going around in my head???

You put the knee screw in

You take the knee screw out

You put the knee screw in & you shake the leg about 😁

That is pretty much the principle. The screw had to come out because it was taking all the weight of my leg & impeding healing. With the screw out the femur break (transverse fracture) began to compress, which was needed to aggravate the bone & encourage healing but it is now compressing too much, healing has stalled, my leg has shortened & the break is twisting around the rod causing terrible pain.

So, my Surgeon rang yesterday after reviewing Bone Scans I had last week & he says its time to re insert a screw above the knee. I have to go for a plain x ray today & see him on Friday but it looks like I’ll be having surgery next week.

Putting the screw in is a little more complicated than taking it out so while it will be day surgery it will be a slower recovery. I should at least feel more stable which will be nice & hopefully my legs will be a more even length 😯


2 thoughts on “Knee screw in, knee screw out…you guessed it!!

    1. Thank you, yes a bit of a roller coaster but we are used to that now. I have an excellent Surgeon who is really looking after me so can’t complain. Sam xx


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