Testing Times….medical tests that is!

What a day! I’ve just seen my GP, had blood taken & booked in a Bone Scan for Friday & a Breast Scan for next Friday…I must say I feel exhausted thinking about all the tests.

I saw my Endocrinologist yesterday who is monitoring my Bone Disease and unfortunately my bone turnover has plummeted again which is not good news in terms of not enough new bone forming to heal my broken femur & also not good as it means my bone disease is active. She also wasn’t happy with my Vitamin D levels even though I take supplements. Again just indicative of disease flare.

The Bone Scan on Friday is to see if there are any stress fractures that we don’t know about & that might be getting ready to turn into major fractures. I am praying that is not the case.

The Breast Screen is partly routine & partly because I am having breast pain & swelling & shouldn’t be. I’m sure its just because my whole system is out of whack but best to play it safe. Actually something quite weird happened as we were on the way home. I got my mobile out to ring the Breast Screen number & my phone rang….it was the Breast Screen people calling me as a courtesy to remind me I was due. I just started laughing….how bizarre…. I’m sure the lady on the other end of the phone thought I was mad. I did explain but the moment seemed lost on her. Never mind☺

Anyway we now know why my Broken Femur is not healing. Hopefully my xrays at the end of August for my Surgeon will show slight improvement otherwise I will be facing a bone stimulator being inserted.


Just to top off the day my immune system is in a mess, my salivary glands are infected & I’m on antibiotics.

The only thing to do after all that is to put the kettle on, make a cuppa & blog 😊

3 thoughts on “Testing Times….medical tests that is!

  1. Dearest Sam, you are an inspiration. I was reading Isaiah 43 this morning, trust the verses will inspire and bring you comfort too. Much Love, Lesley xxoo

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  2. Oh Sam, our hearts just go out to you and P xx you are truly an inspiration in the way you handle all of this. We-re hoping that the test next week reveal better results for you xx heaps of love T & G xx

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